Kanada Fortune

Watch this Create Talk to see how creativity can break the lies that are imprisoning people so that they can be free!

Beauty is also one of her passions. Kanada Fortune was in beauty pageants when she was 3,7, and 15 and now loves to teach women how to put airbrush makeup.

For her, makeup is an opportunity for her to show women how beautiful they are, inside and out as they open up to her within the safety of her makeup artist chair.

Kanada Fortune was saved at 4 years old and baptized in the Holy Spirit at 6. She has faithfully served the Lord her whole life and has co-pastored Oasis Church which she founded with her husband James in 2006.

Kanada has a passion for marriage, family, and parenting and has raised up many ministries, creating teams in Oasis Church and in business endeavors. Kanada loves fashion, beauty, interior design, and helping people break free from limits and mindsets that have held them captive from being all they can in Christ.

James and Kanada were supernaturally connected with Bethel in 2012 through a prophetic dream and regional revival in the Oklahoma City area.

James and Kanada married at a young age and just celebrated 24 years together. They have three teenagers Gabrielle, Levi, and Olivia.

Jessica Boldt

Jessica Boldt is a self-taught artist who’s passionate about healing through creativity and shares an amazing testimony of her son getting healed of autism!

Two years ago, Jess and her husband were stationed in LA where their two sons were really struggling in school and at home. So they prayed and God told them to move Jess and their 4 kids up to Redding.

She went to BSSM for two years and took the art and writing track while her husband stayed in LA driving up twice a month to see his family. It was a huge sacrifice but God gave them grace and peace to do it.

She has seen many people healed in front of her eyes by God using her own art or through prayer. Her favorite healing testimony is of her own son being healed of autism and epilepsy this past year!

She is passionate about setting people free from pain and trauma, especially human trafficking victims and giving hope to families that God wants to heal their children even more than they do.

In two months they will all will be reunited as they move to Belgium. Jess is excited to start up a healing ministry such as Theresa Dedmon’s Create to be Free program in their new community.

With the busy life of a home-schooling mom and no training in art, Rowena knows the longing to visually communicate the things God reveals and see it affect others.

Rowena is a self-taught, freestyle artist inspired and mentored by myself and the other artists in Bethel’s Creative Arts community. She uses the vibrant colors and textures of God’s abundant design to spark creations that echo her childhood home of Hawaii, inviting on-lookers to step into God’s majesty and presence.

People have testified of how Rowena’s paintings reveal deep truth they have wrestled with to heal hearts, depict dreams and visions they’ve received, affirm what God is speaking to them about, evoke peace, and emanate God’s majesty and presence.

Check out her art here: