Writer & entrepreneur Kevin Dedmon

Have you ever felt caged by culture?

Were you brought up in an environment that doesn't celebrate risk, dreaming or swimming against the tide of social norms?

Join Kevin and I LIVE today on Create Talks as we share about our trip to Taiwan, the miracles that happened there and how the Kingdom is accessible even in impossible situations.

Dancer & writer Hilary Bowen

Hilary shares her experience when it comes to getting unstuck in your creativity so that it transforms not just others but yourself.

Hilary is an emerging dance artist, choreographer and writer who grew up in China and spent most of her life navigating between worlds. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a BA in creative writing and dance.

She currently lives in Redding, California where she is a 3rd year student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry under Theresa Dedmon.

Within dance she is passionate about Contact Improvisation, improvisation fascinates and inspires her because it is the intersection of people and their plans navigating spaces that often call us to be highly flexible. And in those moments of openness breathtaking possibilities are released.

She writes middle grade adventure fiction, she is getting ready to query her first manuscript Royalty Swap.

She is passionate about the intersection of things: dance and writing, creativity and missions, and bringing people together in wholeness in their passions.

In both her dance and her writing Hilary seeks to explore and release kingdom. Bring light and laughter. And help people find “home.”

Creating from wholeness with Tinasha Laraye

Sometimes when we create, it’s hard to celebrate what we’ve made because our heart is numbed by shame, offence, or even trauma.

Tinasha LaRayé shares the steps you can take to connect to your heart, feel the sorrows and the joys of your journey and create out of wholeheartedness. Listen as she vulnerably shares from her own process and releases you to find your breakthrough.

Reformer & storyteller Sam Torres

Tinasha LaRayé and creative reformer Sam Torres talk about living life from the love of God.

Samuel has come to learn that he wears many different hats and he loves the way the Lord uses each and every one.

He is a Life Consultant, worship leader, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur amongst many other things.

His biggest passion is love and how we, as triune beings, respond to it and become whole through it.

WanderTheWild is what he calls the process; a journey of self discovery with truth and creativity in the midst of love.

"This is who I am and what I help people do with their hearts and the Lord.”

Dancer and educator Laura Uchoa

Can creativity transform a nation?

Laura Uchoa isn’t just a dancer but also a creative reformer of BRAZIL!!

If you’re passionate about bringing change to nations, watch this interview.

The interview is in English and Portuguese.

Laura began her studies in dance in 2001, dedicating herself to contemporary, ballet and urban dance styles. She has been a teacher of dance since 2006. Previously she has worked as an educator in socio-cultural projects in the State of São Paulo and taught in more than 10 states of Brazil.

Attended the school of dance from the Universidade Anhembi Morombi-São Paulo. Director of the Marcas Dance Company, The director of the international project "Hoola For Happiness in Brazil. Participated with Hoola For Happiness in Israel / Palestine / Argentina and Olympic 2016. Interpreter-translator and partner of Dance Leaders of Bethel Church since 2012.

Spoken word artist & writer Emory Colvin

How the Holy Spirit sets us up beyond our wildest dreams with Emory Colvin.

Emory loves words.

She believes they are powerful tools with the potential to create worlds.

Her grand love affair for story has grown through years of reading, theatre performance, writing, directing and producing.

Though semi-retired from full time touring (for now), Emory occasionally speaks and performs spoken word poetry for faith based events across the country.

Emory recently moved to Redding, CA after five years in Los Angeles.

Facebook & Instagram @EmoryColvin

Artist & creativity coach Lyn Rosenthal

If you're in a season of transition, you won't want to miss this Create Talk.

On Create Talks today I'll be interviewing Lyn Rosenthal. We're talking about transition into greater levels of breakthrough and why seasons are so important as we hear from the Holy Spirit.

Lyn Rosenthal is an abstract artist and one of Bethel's Arts on Stage artists.

She is also one of Theresa Dedmon's Create Academy coaches. Lyn's coaching approach is based on active listening, great empathy and using creativity for healing. She loves the healing process and have devoted many hours of training towards counseling, coaching life skills and recovery. With each discovery and breakthrough her clients experience, they feel validated, championed and released into greater levels of personal freedom.

Author & singer Christopher Sims

The power of your story to heal not just your heart but transform lives.

Christopher Sims is an author, songwriter, and painter. He has also served the city of Redding with prophetic art for three years.

Currently, writing a book about his story, Christopher models vulnerability and the power of Jesus to transform a persons life!


Hear a story of transformation and courage and be encouraged to receive freedom for your own journey

Fashion designer Inessa Figueiredo

Can miracles happen through fashion?

Inessa Figueiredo is a child prodigy native of Brazil.
Raised to see every area of life through the lens of creativity, she feels the gifts she has are to connect people to God's heart for them through the spoken word, supernatural imagery and prophetic fashion designs.

She believes there are garments from Heaven just waiting to be created for specific people. Once found, they will reveal how much the Father knows each one of us.

Inessa also co-directed the fashion show at the Bethel School of Creativity which expressed God's heart for Family and Unity!