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7 effective ways to develop your creativity

September 12 @ 9am PDT


What is Create Connect?

Create Connect is an opportunity for you to accelerate your creativity through learning from Theresa Dedmon's journey and solving the roadblocks that hinder you from reach your creative potential.

Join Theresa in a LIVE monthly webinar as she answers your questions so that you can discover the foundational core values and principles you need to shape your creative destiny and have incredible breakthrough in creating with God, building a creative culture and transforming the marketplace.


Create Connect is for you if you are :

  • are developing your creative potential

  • wanting to grow in Kingdom Creativity

  • are stuck and need help answering some questions to bring your creativity to the next level

  • wanting a creative community to run alongside with

  • wanting short yet powerful teachings on creativity once a month

  • wanting a creativity mentor to help you grow but aren’t ready to have a coach

What is it like?

You will have a Zoom meeting with Theresa and the rest of the Create Connect community once every month to grow together and learn. There will be a specific focus, whether it be a special guest, teaching on how to hear God’s voice, how to reach your community through creativity, going on encounters with God and lots more.

You’ll get the opportunity to ask Theresa questions and learn from other’s as well.

Every session ends with an activation so that you can apply what was discussed and see your creativity transform.

Have a burning topic you’d like Theresa to talk about? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Just email us.

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What if I can’t join live every time?

Create Connect times are recorded so you can go back and watch the replay and access all previous session through the Create Connect Archive.

Some of the topics Theresa has shared about include:

  • Pursuing your dreams

  • Hearing God

  • Creating with kids

  • The power of coaching

  • Family of One

  • Building healthy creative habits

  • The sanctified imagination

  • The link between play and creativity

You’ll get unlimited access to these videos plus listen as she answers the questions of LIVE attendees.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will have access to the Create Connect dashboard online where you can watch replays of previous Create Connect session. Instructions on how to join the webinar will be sent to you before the session starts and will also be in the Create Connect dashboard.

Free Previews

Here’s some great clips from January’s Create Connect Time.

Join the Create Connect Community

Ready to go after your creative potential and remove the limitations to your destiny?

Your monthly subscription will include:

  • Access to participate in LIVE Create Connect webinars for an hour with Theresa Dedmon (valued at $250)

  • Unlimited access to the Create Connect Archive to watch previous sessions (valued at $500)

  • Live Q & A to identify roadblocks to your creativity and discover ways to accelerate your journey (PRICELESS)

All for only:

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$7.99 /month

First 100 People get lifetime $4.99 /month
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$55 /month


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