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Why get coaching?

The journey to express your unique calling through creativity can have many roadblocks that feel overwhelming. Too many of us get stuck in the pursuit to our destiny through artistic expression for so many reasons, many of which we don’t even realize.

With personalized one-on-one help, our coaches will help you develop practical strategies and teach you to remove the constraints that limit your creativity and free you to fulfill your creative destiny. 

Coaching offers practical steps combined with insight from Holy Spirit to enable you to reach your goals. Our Create Academy Coaches come from a variety of unique and anointed backgrounds that will be the perfect match for you.

Whether you want to discover your unique creative expression, break free from any beliefs holding you back, or if you are ready to launch you own ministry or business - we will encourage, champion and support you to fulfilling your dreams.


Why is Create Academy Coaching different than other coaching models?

  • Holy Spirit: Our coaches follow Holy Spirit and integrate a wholistic approach to coaching, where we implement a spiritual aspect and help others encounter God within the coaching process.
  • Create Academy: Our coaches have worked through the online courses and read Theresa Dedmon's materials so that when you share from these courses they have understanding as you go through the materials
  • Life Experience and Coaching Courses combined: All of our coaches are pursuing their own creative gifting and call and are pursuing coaching courses, so they can speak from experience, coaching perspectives, and from other strengths that they have individually pursued in their life. 

Meet the Coaches

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Theresa Dedmon

With over 25 years in ministry including extensive travel Theresa Dedmon's global ministry has changed the lives of tens of thousands.

She will help you find your creative potential, and help your creative dreams become a reality.  She is amazing at finding positive motivators that propel you, as well as practical strategies to fulfill your creative vision.

Claudia Klann

I had to break through my own obstacles to become an artist, a pastor, an entrepreneur, and every other accomplishment in my own life.

'My experience, training, and passion will help you do the same!

Jessi Dahlquist

Jessi Dahlquist is an inner healing counselor with a gift for effectively helping people reach wellness and wholeness in their lives.

She leads others into experiencing the love of God in ways they never thought possible.

Lyn Rosenthal

I am so excited for your journey in creativity!

There are so many ways to explore God's heart for you and your life! Create courses are an amazing way to experience freedom, discover how unique God has designed you, and experience His loving, healing and restoration for your life.

I would love to partner with you on this journey!

Katy Barsch



Christy Lane

Using her strong gift of prophetic intercession during her coaching sessions, Christy's clients tune into their heart’s desires, discover and eliminate obstacles to freedom, and experience spiritual freedom and a closer connection to God.

Christy has prayed for hundreds of hurting people and seen many experience personal, physical, and spiritual break through.

You've Got Options!

We have great plans to fit your budget and schedule. Coaching is not a one time event but an ongoing process to propel you into your destiny. Save every month with our Silver or Gold monthly plans. You can also book a single session or purchase a bundle to use any time you want. 

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Plans and Bundles

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