Writer & entrepreneur Kevin Dedmon

Have you ever felt caged by culture?

Were you brought up in an environment that doesn't celebrate risk, dreaming or swimming against the tide of social norms?

Join Kevin and I LIVE today on Create Talks as we share about our trip to Taiwan, the miracles that happened there and how the Kingdom is accessible even in impossible situations.

Dancer & writer Hilary Bowen

Hilary shares her experience when it comes to getting unstuck in your creativity so that it transforms not just others but yourself.

Hilary is an emerging dance artist, choreographer and writer who grew up in China and spent most of her life navigating between worlds. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a BA in creative writing and dance.

She currently lives in Redding, California where she is a 3rd year student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry under Theresa Dedmon.

Within dance she is passionate about Contact Improvisation, improvisation fascinates and inspires her because it is the intersection of people and their plans navigating spaces that often call us to be highly flexible. And in those moments of openness breathtaking possibilities are released.

She writes middle grade adventure fiction, she is getting ready to query her first manuscript Royalty Swap.

She is passionate about the intersection of things: dance and writing, creativity and missions, and bringing people together in wholeness in their passions.

In both her dance and her writing Hilary seeks to explore and release kingdom. Bring light and laughter. And help people find “home.”

Creating from wholeness with Tinasha Laraye

Sometimes when we create, it’s hard to celebrate what we’ve made because our heart is numbed by shame, offence, or even trauma.

Tinasha LaRayé shares the steps you can take to connect to your heart, feel the sorrows and the joys of your journey and create out of wholeheartedness. Listen as she vulnerably shares from her own process and releases you to find your breakthrough.

Beauty advocate Kanada Fortune

Watch this Create Talk to see how creativity can break the lies that are imprisoning people so that they can be free!

Beauty is also one of her passions. Kanada Fortune was in beauty pageants when she was 3,7, and 15 and now loves to teach women how to put airbrush makeup.

For her, makeup is an opportunity for her to show women how beautiful they are, inside and out as they open up to her within the safety of her makeup artist chair.

Kanada Fortune was saved at 4 years old and baptized in the Holy Spirit at 6. She has faithfully served the Lord her whole life and has co-pastored Oasis Church which she founded with her husband James in 2006.

Kanada has a passion for marriage, family, and parenting and has raised up many ministries, creating teams in Oasis Church and in business endeavors. Kanada loves fashion, beauty, interior design, and helping people break free from limits and mindsets that have held them captive from being all they can in Christ.

James and Kanada were supernaturally connected with Bethel in 2012 through a prophetic dream and regional revival in the Oklahoma City area.

James and Kanada married at a young age and just celebrated 24 years together. They have three teenagers Gabrielle, Levi, and Olivia.

Reformer & storyteller Sam Torres

Tinasha LaRayé and creative reformer Sam Torres talk about living life from the love of God.

Samuel has come to learn that he wears many different hats and he loves the way the Lord uses each and every one.

He is a Life Consultant, worship leader, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur amongst many other things.

His biggest passion is love and how we, as triune beings, respond to it and become whole through it.

WanderTheWild is what he calls the process; a journey of self discovery with truth and creativity in the midst of love.

"This is who I am and what I help people do with their hearts and the Lord.”

Healing creative & writer Jessica Boldt

Jessica Boldt is a self-taught artist who’s passionate about healing through creativity and shares an amazing testimony of her son getting healed of autism!

Two years ago, Jess and her husband were stationed in LA where their two sons were really struggling in school and at home. So they prayed and God told them to move Jess and their 4 kids up to Redding.

She went to BSSM for two years and took the art and writing track while her husband stayed in LA driving up twice a month to see his family. It was a huge sacrifice but God gave them grace and peace to do it.

She has seen many people healed in front of her eyes by God using her own art or through prayer. Her favorite healing testimony is of her own son being healed of autism and epilepsy this past year!

She is passionate about setting people free from pain and trauma, especially human trafficking victims and giving hope to families that God wants to heal their children even more than they do.

In two months they will all will be reunited as they move to Belgium. Jess is excited to start up a healing ministry such as Theresa Dedmon’s Create to be Free program in their new community.

Dancer and educator Laura Uchoa

Can creativity transform a nation?

Laura Uchoa isn’t just a dancer but also a creative reformer of BRAZIL!!

If you’re passionate about bringing change to nations, watch this interview.

The interview is in English and Portuguese.

Laura began her studies in dance in 2001, dedicating herself to contemporary, ballet and urban dance styles. She has been a teacher of dance since 2006. Previously she has worked as an educator in socio-cultural projects in the State of São Paulo and taught in more than 10 states of Brazil.

Attended the school of dance from the Universidade Anhembi Morombi-São Paulo. Director of the Marcas Dance Company, The director of the international project "Hoola For Happiness in Brazil. Participated with Hoola For Happiness in Israel / Palestine / Argentina and Olympic 2016. Interpreter-translator and partner of Dance Leaders of Bethel Church since 2012.

Illustrator Jetti Garrison

The Significance of having a community in finding your creative destiny with Jetti Garrison.

Jetti Garrison is a self taught Artist/Illustrator who works in acrylic, watercolor and multimedia.

She has illustrated two children’s books and is currently working on a third.

Jetti moved to Redding nearly 15 years ago and since that time has established herself as a lead artist in the Bethel Healing Rooms, as well as, creating on stage as a stage artist.

Her passion is to release joy and freedom, and to lead others into finding and releasing their creative voice too!

In the very near future she will be moving to the coast of California and establishing herself in the Monterey Bay art community.

Spoken word artist & writer Emory Colvin

How the Holy Spirit sets us up beyond our wildest dreams with Emory Colvin.

Emory loves words.

She believes they are powerful tools with the potential to create worlds.

Her grand love affair for story has grown through years of reading, theatre performance, writing, directing and producing.

Though semi-retired from full time touring (for now), Emory occasionally speaks and performs spoken word poetry for faith based events across the country.

Emory recently moved to Redding, CA after five years in Los Angeles.

Facebook & Instagram @EmoryColvin



Strategic artist Rowena Edlinao

With the busy life of a home-schooling mom and no training in art, Rowena knows the longing to visually communicate the things God reveals and see it affect others.

Rowena is a self-taught, freestyle artist inspired and mentored by myself and the other artists in Bethel’s Creative Arts community. She uses the vibrant colors and textures of God’s abundant design to spark creations that echo her childhood home of Hawaii, inviting on-lookers to step into God’s majesty and presence.

People have testified of how Rowena’s paintings reveal deep truth they have wrestled with to heal hearts, depict dreams and visions they’ve received, affirm what God is speaking to them about, evoke peace, and emanate God’s majesty and presence.

Check out her art here:

IG rowena.ednilao.art

Artist & creativity coach Lyn Rosenthal

If you're in a season of transition, you won't want to miss this Create Talk.

On Create Talks today I'll be interviewing Lyn Rosenthal. We're talking about transition into greater levels of breakthrough and why seasons are so important as we hear from the Holy Spirit.

Lyn Rosenthal is an abstract artist and one of Bethel's Arts on Stage artists.

She is also one of Theresa Dedmon's Create Academy coaches. Lyn's coaching approach is based on active listening, great empathy and using creativity for healing. She loves the healing process and have devoted many hours of training towards counseling, coaching life skills and recovery. With each discovery and breakthrough her clients experience, they feel validated, championed and released into greater levels of personal freedom.

Author & singer Christopher Sims

The power of your story to heal not just your heart but transform lives.

Christopher Sims is an author, songwriter, and painter. He has also served the city of Redding with prophetic art for three years.

Currently, writing a book about his story, Christopher models vulnerability and the power of Jesus to transform a persons life!


Hear a story of transformation and courage and be encouraged to receive freedom for your own journey

Fashion designer Inessa Figueiredo

Can miracles happen through fashion?

Inessa Figueiredo is a child prodigy native of Brazil.
Raised to see every area of life through the lens of creativity, she feels the gifts she has are to connect people to God's heart for them through the spoken word, supernatural imagery and prophetic fashion designs.

She believes there are garments from Heaven just waiting to be created for specific people. Once found, they will reveal how much the Father knows each one of us.

Inessa also co-directed the fashion show at the Bethel School of Creativity which expressed God's heart for Family and Unity!

David McHarness

Join David McHarness and I live now on Create Talks! We are calling all the creatives to take part in the Kingdom Creative Rennaisance! 

David is an entrepreneur in technology, abstract artist and the creator of 8church8, a multi-sensory art show experience that immerses people in an environment derived from spiritual understanding and mystical experience.

David is passionate about seeing artists collaboratively come together to create in the new renaissance movement that is beginning to take place.

Tinasha LaRayé

My guest on Create Talks this week is Tinasha LaRayé. She shares her key core values releases a powerful impartation through a spoken word piece and drops a pearl of wisdom about every 30 seconds!

Tinasha LaRayé is a poet, actress, and filmmaker who has an intense passion to tell stories through spoken word poetry, plays and film.

Stephen James Hart

My guest this week on Create talks is Stephen James Hart, Bethel Music’s Visual Worship Leader. He talks about how important our time with God is as Creatives. He has an incredible testimony and releases a powerful impartation of freedom!

Stephen James Hart is a multi-disciplinary Visual Worship Leader, primarily focused in design, typography and photography. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Redding, California in 2015 to join the creative team at Bethel Music, where he currently serves as a designer and art director.

In 2013 he embarked on a 365 typographic/hand lettering blog aptly titled "The 365 Worship Project". Upon it's completion, he encountered the idea of Visual Worship Leadership, it's necessity within the global church, and his passion to see the creativity of Christ lead a generation into freedom.


Website: http://www.stephenjameshart.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephenjameshart/

Jason Pamer

My guest on Create Talks this week is Director Jason Pamer!! We talk about the deeper meanings behind his films. Jason reveals the core of his motivation for making these incredible, life changing films. He also releases a powerful impartation. You do not want to miss this!

Jason co-wrote and produced the critically-acclaimed RapeForProfit the Film, which was executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith in 2012. It premiered as the #3 Documentary on iTunes when it released and top 50 films overall.

His most recent film, The Heart of Man, was theatrically released in 2017 and is now available on platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video and more. He has a number of projects currently in development.

Justin Torrence

My guest on Create Talks this week is Justin Torrence, Justin plays lead in The Heart of Man Movie. The Heart of Man is the story of the relentless pursuit of the Father for His prodigal son, paralleled with modern-day stories of hope and redemption.

He talks about the importance of having an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and also what it was like for him to portray the Prodigal in this powerful movie. We also talk about sexual brokenness and addiction and how to begin the journey into wholeness. To watch The Heart of Man go to: https://heartofmanmovie.com

Faith Vu

Join Faith Vu as we talk about Creativity and how it transforms culture. She releases a powerful word about permission: Don’t wait until your creativity is “good enough” but to partner with the Father and explore with Him. 

Faith Vu is a creative that has a heart for justice & beauty. With a Masters in Architecture, focussing on designing spaces for human interaction, she is passionate about healthy relationships and creating a safe atmosphere for people to feel connected and loved.

As a Third year in BSSM, she is most excited about working her way towards a career in life coaching to fashion women into the flawless bride of Christ that she is.

Along with being a gifted writer and singer, she is currently using her creativity as a wedding and lifestyle photographer with her husband Jack Vu.