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Jetti Garrison

The Significance of having a community in finding your creative destiny with Jetti Garrison.

Jetti Garrison is a self taught Artist/Illustrator who works in acrylic, watercolor and multimedia.

She has illustrated two children’s books and is currently working on a third.

Jetti moved to Redding nearly 15 years ago and since that time has established herself as a lead artist in the Bethel Healing Rooms, as well as, creating on stage as a stage artist.

Her passion is to release joy and freedom, and to lead others into finding and releasing their creative voice too!

In the very near future she will be moving to the coast of California and establishing herself in the Monterey Bay art community.

Emory Colvin

How the Holy Spirit sets us up beyond our wildest dreams with Emory Colvin.

Emory loves words.

She believes they are powerful tools with the potential to create worlds.

Her grand love affair for story has grown through years of reading, theatre performance, writing, directing and producing.

Though semi-retired from full time touring (for now), Emory occasionally speaks and performs spoken word poetry for faith based events across the country.

Emory recently moved to Redding, CA after five years in Los Angeles.

Facebook & Instagram @EmoryColvin

With the busy life of a home-schooling mom and no training in art, Rowena knows the longing to visually communicate the things God reveals and see it affect others.

Rowena is a self-taught, freestyle artist inspired and mentored by myself and the other artists in Bethel’s Creative Arts community. She uses the vibrant colors and textures of God’s abundant design to spark creations that echo her childhood home of Hawaii, inviting on-lookers to step into God’s majesty and presence.

People have testified of how Rowena’s paintings reveal deep truth they have wrestled with to heal hearts, depict dreams and visions they’ve received, affirm what God is speaking to them about, evoke peace, and emanate God’s majesty and presence.

Check out her art here:


Stephen James Hart

My guest this week on Create talks is Stephen James Hart, Bethel Music’s Visual Worship Leader. He talks about how important our time with God is as Creatives. He has an incredible testimony and releases a powerful impartation of freedom!

Stephen James Hart is a multi-disciplinary Visual Worship Leader, primarily focused in design, typography and photography. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Redding, California in 2015 to join the creative team at Bethel Music, where he currently serves as a designer and art director.

In 2013 he embarked on a 365 typographic/hand lettering blog aptly titled "The 365 Worship Project". Upon it's completion, he encountered the idea of Visual Worship Leadership, it's necessity within the global church, and his passion to see the creativity of Christ lead a generation into freedom.




Justin Torrence

My guest on Create Talks this week is Justin Torrence, Justin plays lead in The Heart of Man Movie. The Heart of Man is the story of the relentless pursuit of the Father for His prodigal son, paralleled with modern-day stories of hope and redemption.

He talks about the importance of having an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and also what it was like for him to portray the Prodigal in this powerful movie. We also talk about sexual brokenness and addiction and how to begin the journey into wholeness. To watch The Heart of Man go to:

Faith Vu

Join Faith Vu as we talk about Creativity and how it transforms culture. She releases a powerful word about permission: Don’t wait until your creativity is “good enough” but to partner with the Father and explore with Him. 

Faith Vu is a creative that has a heart for justice & beauty. With a Masters in Architecture, focussing on designing spaces for human interaction, she is passionate about healthy relationships and creating a safe atmosphere for people to feel connected and loved.

As a Third year in BSSM, she is most excited about working her way towards a career in life coaching to fashion women into the flawless bride of Christ that she is.

Along with being a gifted writer and singer, she is currently using her creativity as a wedding and lifestyle photographer with her husband Jack Vu.

Nancy Vuu

My guest this week on Create Talks is Fashion Designer Nancy Vuu. She is also a multi award winning film producer who is also recognized for her fashion photography, public speaking, and social activism in the space of women & youth empowerment. We talk about the importance of Holy Spirit in business and fashion.

Nancy's Bio:
Her story:

Theresa Dedmon - Carr Fires

This week on Create Talks I cover what's been happening in Redding with the #carrfire and some stories of hope that have come out of the tragedy.

Some Prayer Points are:
- Pray for missing persons to be found
- 100% containment on the fire
- Relief for firefighters and volunteers etc
- God provision and rest for our people and our land

There is more info, updates and ways you can help on

David and Claire Shieh

My guests on Create Talks this week are David and Claire Sheih. They are the founders of Called to Flag - Worship Flags & Banners. Their desire is to see the body of Christ worship as sons & daughters of Papa God. David shares about the power released as you cross the 'chicken line' and step into the authority God has for you.

They produce many worship flagging videos and techique teaching videos to inspire and equipping the church with flag worship. They also fabricate premium worship flags that are shipped all around the world.


Joy Attmore

My guest on Create Talks this week is Joy Attmore. Joy is a writer, author of ‘Broken By Beauty’, and founder of The Beauty for Ashes Movement.

Born in England, but now residing in New York City with her Los Angeles born husband, Phillip Attmore, Joy is passionate about communicating from a place of vulnerability and empowering women to own their own stories.

Having worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade, helping women transition out of the sex industry, she has a huge heart for justice, restoration, rediscovering purity and seeing women living in freedom! An active member of her local church, Joy is also committed to being a bridge between faith and secular communities.

You can get her book here:

Barrett Bass

This week on Create Talks is Barrett Bass live now as we talk about the power of our words! He releases words of knowledge for pain in the hips and lower back and performs a spontaneous spoken word about your identity and how God intentionally made you!

He a BSSM graduate, and has a heart to see unhindered creative expression in the body of Christ. He carries an affinity for words, more specifically poetry. He believes words create worlds and that the matter of life and death is in the tongue.

Recently Barrett led a creative event in the city called Poets and Paint. This event featured live poetry, live music and live painting. He has dreams in his heart to plant churches that: 1) carry an emphasis on both The Spirit of God AND The Word of God, (2) explore creatively the multi-faceted nature of God, (3) and build up a generation of believers who know who they are in Christ!

Claudia Klann

My guest on Create Talks is Claudia Klann! We're talking about how necessary Coaching is for our Creative Destiny!

She went from high end computer systems sales to becoming a powerful life coach and has a passion for helping people experience breakthrough.
In her words “I had to break through my own obstacles to become an artist, a pastor, an entrepreneur, and every other accomplishment in my own life. My experience, training, and passion will help you do the same!”

André Valadao

My guest on Create Talks this week is Andre Valadao

André is a worship leader and 4th generation pastor from Brazil. His heart for the church to influence the world through creativity is outstanding. In his words "The page is being turned on how the church is embracing creativity and worship".

Web -
Youtube -

Kevin Dedmon

Discover the origins of Christmas! My guest is my favorite person in the whole world, my husband Kevin Dedmon!

We also released words of knowledge for healing of lymph nodes, liver, depression, back pain from a car accident, ankle and knee problems, if you fell off a bicycle and injured yourself many years ago, if you can't move your hand, carpel tunnel.

Daryl Lefever

Find out how you can walk into your creative call to transform the culture!
My guest this week on Create Talks is Daryl Lefever!

Daryl has been in the film industry for over 24 years and spent fifteen years as a feature film financial controller. Traveling to locations around the world for up to a year at a time. Daryl’s credits include X-Men MoviesThe Polar ExpressNancy DrewWhere the Wild Things Are, and The Lucky One

And again in 2016 the feature I Can Only Imagine, based on the popular song starring Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman. This film will be in theaters nationwide March 16, 2018. 

To see his full credits check out: