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Beauty advocate Kanada Fortune

Watch this Create Talk to see how creativity can break the lies that are imprisoning people so that they can be free!

Beauty is also one of her passions. Kanada Fortune was in beauty pageants when she was 3,7, and 15 and now loves to teach women how to put airbrush makeup.

For her, makeup is an opportunity for her to show women how beautiful they are, inside and out as they open up to her within the safety of her makeup artist chair.

Kanada Fortune was saved at 4 years old and baptized in the Holy Spirit at 6. She has faithfully served the Lord her whole life and has co-pastored Oasis Church which she founded with her husband James in 2006.

Kanada has a passion for marriage, family, and parenting and has raised up many ministries, creating teams in Oasis Church and in business endeavors. Kanada loves fashion, beauty, interior design, and helping people break free from limits and mindsets that have held them captive from being all they can in Christ.

James and Kanada were supernaturally connected with Bethel in 2012 through a prophetic dream and regional revival in the Oklahoma City area.

James and Kanada married at a young age and just celebrated 24 years together. They have three teenagers Gabrielle, Levi, and Olivia.