How I went from doubting my voice to speaking to thousands of Kingdom Creatives and activating them in supernatural creativity!

Before I became a minister at Bethel, before activating thousands of supernatural creatives, before birthing the Kingdom Creative movement..

I believed God would only love me if I performed well. I wondered if I was ever “good enough.” Were my creative dreams important to Him?

These lies kept me living in comparison that I sabotaged my dreams so I hid. Fear kept me bound until someone saw my creative identity before I did.

I received a prophetic word that I would lead a creative movement.

“Who me?” 

“What does leading a creative movement in the church even look like?”

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As a child, I’ve always been creative but I didn’t take it too seriously.  In my teens and early 20’s, I was involved in countless dramas, musicals, and worship teams, which brought hope to people both inside and outside the church. Then when I got married, my wonderful husband, Kevin, and I planted our church in Southern California where we used creativity to lead people to Christ. Despite all this, I thought “Did that really matter to God?”

But little did I know God was forming a message in me for the Church to embrace: a vital message for believers to walk in our fullness.

One encounter changed everything.

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In 2002 visiting Bethel, I heard Bill Johnson for the first time.  All of a sudden, he phased out and I entered into an open vision. I saw myself painting in the back of Bethel while Bill was preaching. But I knocked the canvas over and the paint tray spilled all over the clean carpet. Completely embarrassed, I hid crouching behind the seats and thought to myself, “I can’t take away from the man of God.” 

Unaware of the impact of this vision, I never told anyone.  Yet, around one year later after finishing Bethel’s first year School of Supernatural Ministry, Kris Vallotton, our senior associate, asked me to help oversee our 2nd year school of ministry and to head up the creative department within the school.  

I now understood the vision. God was preparing me to bring the creative arts into public view, rather than hiding it in the back.  I was about to find out that Kingdom creatives would not only transform church life, but also reach outside the church walls.

God had set the stage- I was given permission to build a creative movement,  but I had a whole lot to learn in the process.

Teaching begins… with risk, failed attempts, and do-overs galore!

One of my first attempts to teach Kingdom Creativity was to instruct students in how to paint and dance in worship.  It was chaotic, crazy, and downright weird. Those formative years had their fair share of creative attempts with weird dancers and awkward theatrical plays- thank God there wasn’t streaming yet!

At one turning point, I realized we needed to train our students to prophesy and release healing as they created. Kingdom Creativity was not about training creatives by the world’s standards. Connection with God in the creative process superseded mere talent.

During this season, I was gaining valuable experience in our school of ministry, church life, and when I traveled to minister. I was learning what worked and what didn’t. God was training me on how to lead a Kingdom Creative Renaissance.

A Kingdom Creative Renaissance


Several hundred years ago, the Renaissance touched every sphere of life and brought innovation and prosperity to every sector of society. Now, this Kingdom Creative Renaissance will touch every person in society as they see God’s desire to partner with them in creativity.

In 2007, we launched our first Creative Conference with child prodigy Akiane and John Paul Jackson. We saw so many students begin to understand they are supernaturally creative!

The identity of God as Creator was beginning to emerge and people flocked to see the incredible creative productions and strategies. Lives were getting unlocked to open up to their God-given creative nature.

It was then that I discovered I was born to be a catalyst, activating believers to release God’s power as they create.

What do I have to offer?


With over 30 years in pastoral ministry, I’ve seen countless churches equipped and running successful creative programs based on the model I’ve developed over the past 15 years at Bethel. 

I’ve had the privilege of raising up creatives to impact restaurants, businesses, schools, government, and hospitals. We have even put on major events for the city of Redding!

It fills me with so much joy seeing my students go on to teach and lead creative teams in churches, on the mission field, in the arts and entertainment industry, and in business and government.  All across different sectors of society, they are building a culture of Kingdom Creativity. 

In addition to leading and teaching in BSSM and Bethel Church, I’m passionate about empowering believers. That’s why I’ve taken numerous coaching courses and I now have a team of online coaches to help inspire others to fulfill their destiny.

All these years of experience led to the development of Kingdom Creative E courses to further serve and activate the Body of Christ in their supernatural creativity.

I am so glad I found my voice and my creative purpose! Now I can help you find yours!

My passion is to break off the lie of “I’m not good enough”. I’m thrilled to be walking alongside you as you enter this new creative chapter in your life. It’s time for you to gain God-fidence to fulfill your dreams!

Take the plunge, believe in yourself, and realize God has designed you to find your creative voice and discover the creative dreams waiting to be released inside you.

Come join the Kingdom Creative Renaissance that brings heaven to earth!

You are born to create! 

Theresa Dedmon