The Confidence That Creates Miracles

Living confidently from our design (creative identity) is how we operate powerfully, wonderfully, miraculously. It is the secret to lasting change and positive response. It manifests a Beauty that sparks the heart of all mankind.

Jesus said that we would have rivers of life flowing from our innermost being, and we would live with power, unspeakable peace, and joy not only in Heaven but in THIS life. 

As artists we long deeply for this to be true not only of ourselves but in the work we produce. Our work is the expression of our heart. It's like being naked and asking everyone to come and see! How dreadful of an experience it would seem to the majority of us. But I believe it's what the world most desperately needs.

Most of us can relate in the deepest desires of our hearts to impact culture, liberate generations, empower orphans, to matter to SOMEONE. But do we know, truly believe, with bold confidence, that this is exactly what God designed us to do?

If it's His design and one hundred percent of what He says is always true, then why do we so often times feel stuck? Or naked and ashamed?


I can remember the day of my personal breakthrough like it was yesterday. We were in Africa and had just witnessed an entire church get healed of all kinds of diseases. It was like straight out of Acts. My eyeballs questioned the miracles I saw. Medically impossible things happening by the minute. When we were done that night I looked at my friend Rex Crain and said, "Wow, that was amazing!" 

He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Annette, you can do everything I can do. You have the same Jesus living inside you."

My immediate reply was, "I know that, but I am NOT. I can't even get a headache healed!"

His next statement was the door of breakthrough, "You believe but you are not convinced and so you have no confidence."

I knew that he was right and that I'd better pay attention to my spiritual mentor if the main purpose of my life was ever to be manifested.


Upon arriving home I began in the gospel of Matthew to let Holy Spirit ‘convince’ me. I underlined every mention of healing and the details surrounding the miracle. Rex had suggested going through all of the Gospels and Acts. I was completely convinced by the end of Matthew. 

Rex’s leadership and mentoring gave me the tools I needed to walk out this new convinced-ness. The key was confidence.

In Hebrews 10:35 it says, “Do not throw away your confidence, for it will be greatly rewarded.” 

Think of confidence as bold courageous faith. Faith is the way God has chosen his works to be manifested on the earth. It is the way He receives glory, and it’s the force that sends angels to do their mighty works!  


Shortly after this mind renewing exercise, I began seeing the power of God to some degree in everything I was putting my hand to do. In  photo sessions His Presence was felt, healing was common. My portraits ‘spoke’ truth. Clients began noticing that I was ‘different.’ And doors of influence were flinging open. 

I was living the miraculous life. Pinching myself became a daily occurrence until I realized that this was the normal life God intended for every person. It’s not for a select few. He has enough love, power, grace, and life to exceed our imaginations for eternity.

This is HIS normal for me, for you, and every person. He wants it to be OUR new normal. 

Daddy God is “mighty to save.”  Which means that He is “all in.” He is ready to create through you, heal culture through you, LIVE through you. 

What is the one thing you need to be convinced of? How can you build your confidence? Start taking steps by asking specific questions and let Holy Spirit lead you to finding the answers. 


Most often, God prefers using community to heal our broken beliefs because, it is often times community that caused the doubts and harm. He wants to give you a victory where the devil tried to destroy you. A healthy community and mentor can empower you to win the battles you’re facing since they have, themselves, overcome similar doubts that seek to destroy.

YOU have something that stirs up the heart of others. They need you. They won’t live their best life without the creativity that you carry. And this is good news for your business, family and marriage. You are VERY needed. ALL of you, emotional you, physical you, spiritual you, creative you, fully convinced and confident. 

It is worth everything you have to take this journey of becoming convinced and confident that you are His conduit of Life and more Life!

Cheers to YOU and the One who lives inside,


Annette Biggers