When art therapy is paired with Holy Spirit- Experience inner healing from your deepest pains to a life full of hope and wholeness. 

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A journey of emotional healing by encountering God through art.

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Do you feel like you’re living in black & white and find yourself:

  • Burying your hurts but acting like everything's ok?

  • Feeling stuck & powerless from past trauma? 

  • Feeling insecure, abandoned or rejected inside?

  • Angry and distant from God?

There IS hope!

God can heal you as you create.

  • Spiritually: Experience God’s extravagant love and discover His plan for your life

  • Emotional Release: Learn to let go of pain from your past

  • Relationally: Learn to trust God, love yourself, and trust others

  • Sexually: If it’s been stolen, God wants to restore your innocence and purity

  • Family: Find acceptance and belonging in God’s spiritual family as He restores broken relationships.

So how does this work?


All of my life, I’ve been curious about helping others become free. I saw so many people, including myself, know about God, but never feel truly loved and accepted because of pain from their past.

This led me to earning my degree in Psychology from Vanguard University along with an Art in Healing certificate from Chapman University. I saw how deeply people suffered and how much God wants to heal us. 

John 10:10 says that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but that God has come to give life and that more abundantly.

So how do we receive the more abundantly part and get back what was stolen from us?

Knowing about God’s love is not the same as allowing God to heal the pain deep inside. It’s like living with a splinter. Sure, we can function, but every time something presses against that splinter, pain resurfaces and we’re back in the same cycle.

Unresolved trauma leads to broken relationships, addictions, and false belief systems that keep us from facing the pain to let God heal us.

In 2009, I was asked by a UN representative to go to Rwanda and work with the genocide orphans. These victims saw their families massacred as children and the trauma made them unable to function in society.  My job was to bring healing to them through creativity. 

Never having been done before, I developed a curriculum where they encountered God’s Presence in the midst of their trauma and PTSD. As they told their stories for the first time through creativity like art, dance, crafts, photography, and writing they got set free. Some have even gone on to become accomplished creatives.

Wow! God dangled this carrot in front of me and said, “Theresa, do you want to create a program for others too?”

This adventure led me to going back to Chapman University to study Art in Healing. I adapted the program into a 6-week course that has brought healing to:

  • The sex slave trade

  • Isis victims in Iraq 

  • refugees in Greece and other countries

After seeing such proven success, I wanted to develop this online course for you using the same principles I learned in Rwanda.

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By taking Create To Be Free, you will:

  • Remove lies that are holding you back from your God-given identity

  • Encounter God’s healing love as you create.

  • Partner with God to root out buried pain and help you process it presently.

  • feel empowered to go after your own breakthrough and break off being a victim.

  • learn to love yourself, forgive others, and fall in love with God

  • gain hope for your future and see how you can share your story with others.

It’s time to let go and let Love in. Walk into your freedom today.

Join with students from across the globe who are finding peace, gaining closure, and feeling hope for the future.

Here’s what’s inside the Curriculum


6 part Sessions

Many people have been hurt though an encounter with an authority figure, a friend or family member. These encounters have created trauma that have hindered our lives. Through Create to be Free you will have healing encounters that will create freedom and wellbeing so that you can live the most abundant life possible.

Creating art can access places in our heart that have become stuck. As we create, without words, we let go of the pain and we let God begin to heal us.

Session 2 - The power of forgiveness

Learn to forgive others, yourself, and God for broken relationships and past trauma in your life.

  • Forgiving people who have hurt you

  • Forgiving God and authority

  • Letting go of hurtful mindsets and false beliefs

Session 1 - Restoring our Rightful Identity

Learn to break off lies about who you are and rewire your thinking to live from your true God-given identity.

  • Learning to love yourself

  • Breaking off lies about God

  • Letting God into your pain and letting it go


God will meet you in the places where you felt abandoned as you learn how to nurture and care for your heart.

  • Facing the pain of being abandoned, neglected, left alone

  • Releasing the pain of your trauma

  • Learning to nurture yourself

Module  3 - LETTING GO

Learn to let go of disappointment by encountering God’s promises and replace the losses that have happened in your life. 

  • Processing your experiences of loss and disappointment

  • Finding your Strength in God

  • Turning Disappointments / Loss into Promises


You will learn to see your life from God’s perspective, dream for your future, and live in hope.

  • Knowing God’s dream for your life

  • Connecting in healthy ways with community

  • Discovering hope for your future


Learn how to conquer fear and rewrite your story from God’s freedom and abundance. 

  • Your voice and needs matter

  • Killing Self Sabotage

  • You are not a survivor, you are an overcomer


  • Unlimited access to content- As new and improved versions of the course are released you never have to pay to upgrade

  • 100% online learning (mobile friendly)- you can learn on the go and review the material anytime you need a refresher 

  • 4 sections in each module to process pain and be set free 

  • Video Lessons

  • Workbook

  • Written Transcript 

  • Summary notes


Here’s everything you’ll receive when you sign up for Create to be Free.

  • Module 1: RESTORING OUR RIGHTFUL IDENTITY (value $250)

  • Module 2: THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS (value $250)

  • Module 3: LETTING GO (value $250)

  • Module 4: OVERCOMING ABANDONMENT (value $250)

  • Module 5: WALKING IN FREEDOM (value $250)

  • Module 6: AWAKENING DREAMS (value $250)


  • Theresa Dedmon’s Creative Community FB group (included)

  • Create To Be Free Facebook Group (Included)

  • Free 15 minute Coaching Session ($25 value)

  • Minister with Theresa Dedmon (priceless)

When you add it all up, that’s a total of $1575.

Find Healing Today

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  • 6 transformational modules from Theresa ($1500 value)

  • Downloadable Workbook & Summary Notes ($200 value)

  • Empowering Declarations ($15 value)

  • Free 15 minute Coaching Session ($25 value)

  • Theresa Dedmon’s Creative Community FB group (included)

  • Create To Be Free Facebook Group (Included)

  • Minister with Theresa Dedmon (priceless)

  • Certificate of Completion

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GROUPS License

Are you wanting to take your staff or a small group through this full course? This group license option allows you to use the videos in a group setting.

  • Includes everything listed on the Full Course

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Teachers Edition

Coming Soon

Prerequisite: You must have already completed Create to be Free

Will involve personal coaching from Theresa Dedmon before you can begin.

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