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What is Create Connect?

Create Connect is an opportunity for you to get to know Theresa on a more personal level.

Join Theresa in a LIVE monthly webinar as she shares the foundational core values and principles she has learned that have guided and shaped her personal life resulting in tremendous breakthrough in intimacy with God, healing and the prophetic.


Online Coaching

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Create Academy Coaching is the fast-track to your creative goals! 

Create Academy Coaching allows you to connect with Theresa and our Create Academy Coaches from anywhere on the planet!

With personalized one-on-one help, our coaches will help you develop practical strategies and teach you to remove the constraints that limit your creativity and free you to fulfill your creative destiny. 

Coaching offers practical steps combined with insight from Holy Spirit to enable you to reach your goals. Our Create Academy Coaches come from a variety of unique and anointed backgrounds that will be the perfect match for you.


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28 Lesson eCourse where you will unlock your creative potential!

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This eCourse will help you grow in intimacy with God, as you begin to recognize and understand His voice in your everyday life.

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Experience emotional healing that will enable you to live wholeheartedly in every sphere of your life

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Maximize Your Child’s Creative Potential

Create for Kids will teach you and your children to Create with God


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Kingdom Creativity Resources


Born to Create

  • Discover Your Creative Potential

  • Overcome Creative Obstacles

  • Walk In Your Creative Destiny

Available in Print / Download

Cultivating Kingdom Creativity - Manual

  • Covers All Creative Expressions

  • Reach New Levels Of Creativity

  • Practical Activations

Available in Print

Mama Heidi Loves

  • Great for Children

  • Story of Heidi Baker

  • Illustrated by Theresa Dedmon

Available in Print


Create Supernaturally Series

An interactive 3-part series, including practical tools, Spirit-led encounters, declarations, and daily activations to launch you, your family, and your church into new levels of Creativity to transform the world.

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Create Supernaturally Complete Series

Now available as an eCourse!

Series 1

Discovering Your Supernatural Creative Potential

what You will learn

  • Discover Your Creative Identity

  • How To Create With God

  • The Biblical Basis For Creativity

Available in print / download

Series 2

Transforming Church Life Through Creativity

What you will learn

  • The Value Of Arts In Worship

  • How To Activate Kids & Youth

  • To Create A Creative Culture

Available in print / download

Series 3

Building Bridges into the Community

What you will learn

  • Strategies For Your City

  • How To Heal Through Creativity

  • Practical Outreach Activities

Available in print / download


Previous Messages

School of Creativity 2017

Session 1: How Beauty Can Save the World - Theresa Dedmon

Session 2: A Case for Co-Creating - Shawn Bolz

Session 3: Creativity Can Transform the World - Panel Discussion - Theresa Dedmon

Session 4: The Beauty of Failure - Darren Wilson

Session 5: The Power of a Contacted Life - Shawn Bolz

Session 6: Beauty Arise: The Power in You that Transforms Everything - Theresa Dedmon

Session 7: Whatever - William Paul Young

Available in mp3 download

God Invites You To Write Your Story

Have you ever wondered how you can find out what you were born to be?

Begin the journey of unlocking your destiny as you discover how God created you.

You will discover how to partner with God to transform the world around you and learn practical ways to move forward in your unique call.

Available in download / cd/dvd

Prophetic Arts Store

Prophetic Art Prints // Phone Cases // APPAREL // + More

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Born to Create

Durch das, was wir erschaffen, kann die übernatürliche Realität Gottes aktiviert werden. Durch das Buch werden Sie Hindernisse überwinden, die Sie hindern, Ihre übernatürliche, schöpferische Identität zu entdecken.

  • Paperback
  • ePub