Visual Arts

David McHarness

Join David McHarness and I live now on Create Talks! We are calling all the creatives to take part in the Kingdom Creative Rennaisance! 

David is an entrepreneur in technology, abstract artist and the creator of 8church8, a multi-sensory art show experience that immerses people in an environment derived from spiritual understanding and mystical experience.

David is passionate about seeing artists collaboratively come together to create in the new renaissance movement that is beginning to take place.

Michelle Sparrow

Join Michelle Sparrow and I as we talk about the power of prophetic art for healing! What you create has supernatural power!

Shell has been a Visual Arts Teacher for the last 16 years and Pastoral ministry with her husband for the past 12 years in Australia. 

She has a passion to bring revival to the Arts culture in Australia. She is currently continuing training in Art Therapy this year and exploring ways to bring a unique transformative work of Jesus into areas of Mental Health and Education.


SJ Murray

My guest this week on Create Talks is EMMY-nominated and award winning writer and producer SJ Murray. She is passionate about the roles stories play in shaping culture. You will be empowered to write your own stories and she also shares a little known fact about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech: I have a dream!

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A graduate of Auburn University, she earned her PhD from Princeton University, studied screenwriting at UCLA, and is a tenured professor at Baylor University. She is the founding Co-Chair of the NEXUS working group on film, media & story, and has curated impact-centered conversations from Sundance to The White House and the United Nations. Her TEDx talks on story have been viewed over 250,000 times!

Resources: - SJ's faculty page at Baylor University - SJ's Wikipedia article - SJ works alongside AnderImage - This is a link for her first online course about Story Design. It is still in beta and hasn't been launched publicly.