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Create Talks with Classical Guitarist Torsten

How do you integrate faith with music in the marketplace?

This week on Create Talks I’m interviewing Torsten Borbye Nielsen, a classical danish guitarist who had his debut from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1992.

While studying there he had a strong encounter with the Holy Spirit at a Scandinavian conference with John Wimber.

This had a profound impact on his life and faith, and following this he had a deep longing to integrate his music and his faith much more.

For many years he has been on a journey of exploring music as a prayer without words and a means of releasing God’s presence and healing.

He plays concerts with themes like “Healing of the heart”, often in connection with guided meditations, helping people to find peace and open their hearts to Jesus.

He is also a composer of songs and instrumental music and has released 15 albums, several of them with music for meditation and healing.

Other streams of his music evolve from a meeting between different cultures like Europe and South America and the worlds of classical music and other traditions.

Since 1995 Torsten has been involved in a ministry called In The Master’s Light, a ministry that he is now leading.

IML is reaching out to spiritual seekers and people interested in spirituality and wholeness and try to connect with what God is already doing in people’s lives, seeking to build bridges to Jesus and the gospel.

A main connection point with people is at holistic fairs like Body-Mind-Spirit and The Universe of the Mystical. In a weekend 400-500 people receive prayer ministry in the booth that In The Master’s Light have there. There is an amazing openness and God touches and heals many, both inner healing and physical healing, and people have deep experiences of God’s love and presence.

For many years Torsten has also been a pastor, and he is currently ministering as a second pastor in a Lutheran, charismatic church in Copenhagen, Byens Valgmenighed.

Torsten is married to Helene, and they have 2 grown up children as well as many foster children, and 2 of their foster children still live in their home, Vivi (3) and Ali (12).

Theresa Dedmon - Carr Fires

This week on Create Talks I cover what's been happening in Redding with the #carrfire and some stories of hope that have come out of the tragedy.

Some Prayer Points are:
- Pray for missing persons to be found
- 100% containment on the fire
- Relief for firefighters and volunteers etc
- God provision and rest for our people and our land

There is more info, updates and ways you can help on