Tinasha LaRayé

My guest on Create Talks this week is Tinasha LaRayé. She shares her key core values releases a powerful impartation through a spoken word piece and drops a pearl of wisdom about every 30 seconds!

Tinasha LaRayé is a poet, actress, and filmmaker who has an intense passion to tell stories through spoken word poetry, plays and film.

Jason Pamer

My guest on Create Talks this week is Director Jason Pamer!! We talk about the deeper meanings behind his films. Jason reveals the core of his motivation for making these incredible, life changing films. He also releases a powerful impartation. You do not want to miss this!

Jason co-wrote and produced the critically-acclaimed RapeForProfit the Film, which was executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith in 2012. It premiered as the #3 Documentary on iTunes when it released and top 50 films overall.

His most recent film, The Heart of Man, was theatrically released in 2017 and is now available on platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video and more. He has a number of projects currently in development.

Dustin Schultz

This week my guest on Create Talks is Dustin Schultz. He shares some wisdom on how business is creative!

His passion is to see creatives start and run their own businesses for freedom in life and to do it with financial success. East Coast raised then transplanted to California. He has been married to the beautiful Rochelle for about 4 years. His video production journey began in high school, then college, to two years in broadcast news, a short stint with a boutique production company, and now owning his own video content agency for the past 6 years. Dustin has been an editor, animator, cinematographer, director, producer and won several awards!

Go check out his page: Union Productions

Annette Biggers

Join Annette Biggers as she share her creative process and vision for the upcoming sequel "Gazelle" at this year’s Bethel School of Creativity 2018!

She is a talented photographer with over 23 years experience. She has several many high profile clients and is able to minister to them in a unique way. Annette is also the Writer/Director of last years powerful film piece 'RAVEN' at the Bethel School of Creativity.

Daryl Lefever

Find out how you can walk into your creative call to transform the culture!
My guest this week on Create Talks is Daryl Lefever!

Daryl has been in the film industry for over 24 years and spent fifteen years as a feature film financial controller. Traveling to locations around the world for up to a year at a time. Daryl’s credits include X-Men MoviesThe Polar ExpressNancy DrewWhere the Wild Things Are, and The Lucky One

And again in 2016 the feature I Can Only Imagine, based on the popular song starring Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman. This film will be in theaters nationwide March 16, 2018. 

To see his full credits check out: