Jessica Crognale

My guest on Create Talks this week is Jessica Crognale. In her own words: Beauty is everywhere. I find as much stillness and raw beauty in shadows of saplings on the sidewalk, as I do in sunlight consuming dried threads of grass dancing in the breeze along a winding path. 

Creativity finds me, and yet the raucous vitality of my large brood keep me in a constant state of wonder. They are my magnum opus, my “great work”. A colorful, ever evolving work of life who need me and I them. Inspiring and humbling in every way. 

I throw myself into a project with gusto (I’ve been known to volunteer my husband for said projects). I work in themes. I cast vision for what’s possible. I’ve always had a head full of ideas, many of them have found their rhythm and life. I always say, ideas are free... it’s the process that costs you something!

Making art is costly on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. I can only engage myself this way. For me, it’s all or nothing.