Joy Attmore

My guest on Create Talks this week is Joy Attmore. Joy is a writer, author of ‘Broken By Beauty’, and founder of The Beauty for Ashes Movement.

Born in England, but now residing in New York City with her Los Angeles born husband, Phillip Attmore, Joy is passionate about communicating from a place of vulnerability and empowering women to own their own stories.

Having worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade, helping women transition out of the sex industry, she has a huge heart for justice, restoration, rediscovering purity and seeing women living in freedom! An active member of her local church, Joy is also committed to being a bridge between faith and secular communities.

You can get her book here:

Barrett Bass

This week on Create Talks is Barrett Bass live now as we talk about the power of our words! He releases words of knowledge for pain in the hips and lower back and performs a spontaneous spoken word about your identity and how God intentionally made you!

He a BSSM graduate, and has a heart to see unhindered creative expression in the body of Christ. He carries an affinity for words, more specifically poetry. He believes words create worlds and that the matter of life and death is in the tongue.

Recently Barrett led a creative event in the city called Poets and Paint. This event featured live poetry, live music and live painting. He has dreams in his heart to plant churches that: 1) carry an emphasis on both The Spirit of God AND The Word of God, (2) explore creatively the multi-faceted nature of God, (3) and build up a generation of believers who know who they are in Christ!

Claudia Klann

My guest on Create Talks is Claudia Klann! We're talking about how necessary Coaching is for our Creative Destiny!

She went from high end computer systems sales to becoming a powerful life coach and has a passion for helping people experience breakthrough.
In her words “I had to break through my own obstacles to become an artist, a pastor, an entrepreneur, and every other accomplishment in my own life. My experience, training, and passion will help you do the same!”

Dustin Schultz

This week my guest on Create Talks is Dustin Schultz. He shares some wisdom on how business is creative!

His passion is to see creatives start and run their own businesses for freedom in life and to do it with financial success. East Coast raised then transplanted to California. He has been married to the beautiful Rochelle for about 4 years. His video production journey began in high school, then college, to two years in broadcast news, a short stint with a boutique production company, and now owning his own video content agency for the past 6 years. Dustin has been an editor, animator, cinematographer, director, producer and won several awards!

Go check out his page: Union Productions

Annette Biggers

Join Annette Biggers as she share her creative process and vision for the upcoming sequel "Gazelle" at this year’s Bethel School of Creativity 2018!

She is a talented photographer with over 23 years experience. She has several many high profile clients and is able to minister to them in a unique way. Annette is also the Writer/Director of last years powerful film piece 'RAVEN' at the Bethel School of Creativity.

André Valadao

My guest on Create Talks this week is Andre Valadao

André is a worship leader and 4th generation pastor from Brazil. His heart for the church to influence the world through creativity is outstanding. In his words "The page is being turned on how the church is embracing creativity and worship".

Web -
Youtube -

Fabien Delétraz

Can we transform the world through one photograph? Let’s find out.
My guest on Create Talks this week is the tallented Fabien Delétraz!

Fabien is passionate about changing mindsets and cultures through creativity. 
In his words: " Creativity for me is a way to express myself but it is most of all a tool to love people.”

To see some of his work visit:
Fabien Delétraz Photography

Jessica Crognale

My guest on Create Talks this week is Jessica Crognale. In her own words: Beauty is everywhere. I find as much stillness and raw beauty in shadows of saplings on the sidewalk, as I do in sunlight consuming dried threads of grass dancing in the breeze along a winding path. 

Creativity finds me, and yet the raucous vitality of my large brood keep me in a constant state of wonder. They are my magnum opus, my “great work”. A colorful, ever evolving work of life who need me and I them. Inspiring and humbling in every way. 

I throw myself into a project with gusto (I’ve been known to volunteer my husband for said projects). I work in themes. I cast vision for what’s possible. I’ve always had a head full of ideas, many of them have found their rhythm and life. I always say, ideas are free... it’s the process that costs you something!

Making art is costly on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. I can only engage myself this way. For me, it’s all or nothing.

Rachel Hale

My guest this week on Create Talks is Season 12 American Idol Finalist, Rachel Hale. She shares her amazing story and how she followed God from when she was little all the way to seeing Holy Spirit do amazing things backstage at American Idol. She has a passion for reaching the lost and releases some amazing words of knowledge and prophesies over you!

Rachel has been featured on Billboard and opened for country stars such as Tracy Byrd MusicJoe Diffie, and Joe Nichols. She has also been a featured performer alongside Brett MichaelsPeter FramptonRicky SkaggsJustin Moore, and Mac Powell of Third Day

For the past 3 years, she has been a worship leader at Nashville Life Church pastored by Grammy Award Winning Artist CeCe Winans. In addition, she spends time traveling, to share her “Fingerprints” ministry. “Fingerprints” is a character development program empowering students to embrace their unique purpose, develop their potential, and leave their mark on the world."

Slindile Brilliantine Baloyi

My guest on Create Talks this week is the incredible Slindile Brilliantine Baloyi. She gives some valuable insight on how to see your dreams become a reality and releases an impartation for incredible favor!
She is an author, empowerment coach, business strategist, entrepreneur and third year graduate of BSSM Redding.

You can buy her book here:


Kevin Dedmon

Discover the origins of Christmas! My guest is my favorite person in the whole world, my husband Kevin Dedmon!

We also released words of knowledge for healing of lymph nodes, liver, depression, back pain from a car accident, ankle and knee problems, if you fell off a bicycle and injured yourself many years ago, if you can't move your hand, carpel tunnel.

Daryl Lefever

Find out how you can walk into your creative call to transform the culture!
My guest this week on Create Talks is Daryl Lefever!

Daryl has been in the film industry for over 24 years and spent fifteen years as a feature film financial controller. Traveling to locations around the world for up to a year at a time. Daryl’s credits include X-Men MoviesThe Polar ExpressNancy DrewWhere the Wild Things Are, and The Lucky One

And again in 2016 the feature I Can Only Imagine, based on the popular song starring Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman. This film will be in theaters nationwide March 16, 2018. 

To see his full credits check out:

Lisa Crumpton

Lisa is a South African artist who has been painting since 2001. She is a prolific artist who loves to discover and explore the nuances of colour as it fuses and intermingles on the canvas.
Subjects include landscapes, florals, trees and abstracts.
In 2008 Lisa had a transformational encounter at Bethel Church and has since been leading the Prophetic Artists of Breakthru Life Church in Joyburg (Johannesburg, South Africa).
Lisa is married to John Crumpton and they have three sons.

Michelle Sparrow

Join Michelle Sparrow and I as we talk about the power of prophetic art for healing! What you create has supernatural power!

Shell has been a Visual Arts Teacher for the last 16 years and Pastoral ministry with her husband for the past 12 years in Australia. 

She has a passion to bring revival to the Arts culture in Australia. She is currently continuing training in Art Therapy this year and exploring ways to bring a unique transformative work of Jesus into areas of Mental Health and Education.


Tim Davis

My guest on Create Talks this week is the incredibly talented Tim Davis! He shares valuable insights on how to influence the influencers of the world and about the value of excellence. You will be inspired by his honesty and humility. Make sure you check out his performance at this year's Bethel School of Creativity on Betheltv. It will blow you away!

From 6 seasons on Fox's hit series Glee and ABC’s Boy Band, to the latest release from Tyler the Creator, Tim's collaborations as studio singer, vocal contractor, and arranger span the music market in depth and breadth. Tim’s credits include Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 2017 halftime show, The People's Choice AwardsJosh Groban’s “Stages”, Barbra Streisand’s 2016 tour, Childish Gambino’s latest release, “Office Christmas Party 2”, “The Americans” on FX, “The Goldbergs” on ABC, and more...

Tim's career has recently shifted to producing television and film, starting with ABC's "Boy Band," and the feature film, "Love Is Afoot!," both releasing in 2017. Tim has several other television shows and films in the works through his company