Maximize your child’s creative potential

Create for Kids will teach you and your children to Create with God

When children are encouraged to create, they have healthy self-esteem and become more proficient in every sphere of their lives.  

How it Works

Each video will be accompanied by written content that follows along with the teaching, as well as offering practical activations designed to help each child explore and express their creativity in the unique ways described in each lesson.

Our curriculum works best when the parent or teacher does the lesson first, so that you can better relate your own journey and process of exploring creativity. 

The more you engage in the material, the more you will be able to assist your child or student in discovering and unlocking their creative potential.

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You will learn to:

  • Discover your child’s unique creative expressions

  • Develop your child’s creativity

  • Grow your child’s identity through creativity

  • Help your child process their inner feelings

What does a lesson look like?

For Instructors

  • 60 minute teaching video

  • 20 minute practical activations

  • Study guides for parents and teachers

For Children

  • 60 minute session

  • Lesson plan is included

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Work at your own pace
Whether that’s once a week or day to day

About your Instructors

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Theresa Dedmon

Theresa is on pastoral staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where she oversees the Creative Arts department for the Church and School of Supernatural Ministry.

She instructs on creative worship expressions and creative arts events within the church, as well as strategy and coordination for city transformation and outreach.

Theresa speaks at national and international conferences, equipping and activating people to step into their supernatural destiny. She focuses on prophetic and healing ministry to help them walk in supernatural creative power to transform the world through creative expressions of God’s presence.

Theresa earned her B.A. in Psychology, minoring in Biblical studies from Vanguard University, and a certification in Arts and Healing from Chapman University. She has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years.

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Cara Winspear

Cara is a teacher and Bethel Christian School in Redding, CA, and hails from Melbourne, Australia, where she worked as a public school elementary teacher.

Cara moved to the US in 2012 to study at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry where she completed her three years of study with an internship under creative pastor Theresa Dedmon.

Raised in a vibrantly creative and Jesus-loving family, Cara holds bachelor degrees in music performance (honors- violin) and teaching (primary and secondary) from Australia.

She has spent many years serving in children’s ministry as a teacher and worship leader and delights to help children and adults alike learn to tangibly connect with God and partner with Him creatively to change the world.

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Katy Barsch

Teaching is Katy’s passion. She retired from elementary school education in 2007 having spent the majority of her career in the lower elementary grades because she wanted to make sure her students received a sound foundation on which to build.

In 1998, she received a Golden Wings Award for excellence in teaching and a commendation from the State of California. After retiring, Katy spent another five years teaching visual arts through “Artists in the Classroom” a program that served Her community.

She has also co-authored a book with her husband, Jeffrey Barsch, and has spoken internationally about Praying for the Brain.

Katy believes that each person carries a unique gift-mix designed by God for the destiny that He has for them; and that our privilege as parents and educators is to help our children discover how they learn and how they are gifted.


You do not have to have any experience in the arts in order to empower children to learn to value their creativity and create with God. When we refer to creativity, we are not just talking about skills in the arts, but how a child can open up their imagination to problem solve and innovate, as well as express their feelings, desires, and dreams.

You do not have to be a professional educator to guide your child through the principles of creativity taught in this course.  All that is required is giving encouragement and support in their discovery process.

Session 1 - Understanding the power of creativity in children

Learn about:

  • How every child is uniquely creative in the way they express themselves

  • What fosters creativity in your children

  • The 7 difference ways children are uniquely smart in exploring and expressing their creativity

Session 2 - Stewarding a child’s creative potential

Learn about:

  • How your child can co-create with God

  • Helping children creatively navigate conflict through creativity

  • Ministering creatively with your child to bless others

Session 3 - Forming your childs identity through creativity

Learn about:

  • How understanding your child’s feelings are key to their identity formation

  • How to nurture and accept your child’s creative expressions

  • Practical ways to grow your child’s creative potential

Session 4 - Healing Children through creativity

Learn about:

  • How your child can express their true feelings through art to heal their pain

  • How your child can encounter God’s love through art

  • How to create a stronger connection with your child

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  • Downloadable Curriculum / Lesson Plans

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  • Practical Applications


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