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A 28 Lesson Journey Into Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Now is the time for your breakthrough!

I wrote this course because God is releasing Kingdom Creativity to the Body of Christ to transform culture. Over the past 15 years, I have activated so many people in co-creating with God. Now, I want to share key principles and tools that will launch you into your supernatural creative destiny.
— Theresa Dedmon
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What you will learn

- How to create with God
- How to nurture + express your creative identity
- How to overcome creative blocks and setbacks
- How your creativity can transform the world
- How to create out of rest
  ... and much more!



What to expect

- 28 Lessons - Written Curriculum
- Daily Videos

- Practical Content
- Self Assessments
- Daily Activations
- Encouraging Impartations

Create 28 is Flexible

work at your own pace! Whether its every day or every week.

You can enjoy Create 28 wherever you are through your mobile devices or at home on your desktop, laptop or Apple TV. 

The Method

Every session you will watch a video from Theresa, read through the content that addresses the align, assess, and activate tools, and receive an impartation to go to the next levels of your creative destiny!


Practical daily teachings that explore Biblical revelation, and equip you in going to new levels of creative breakthrough. 


Each day you will have an opportunity to evaluate where you are in your growth process towards fulfilling your creative call.


You will receive practical steps to launch you into the things you have learned. 



Part 1 - Discovering Creativity With God

Day 1 - Getting Started
[Why Create?]

Day 2 - Looking For Gold
[Exploring God's Creative Nature]

Day 3 - Deciphering The Map
[Discovering God's Creative Plan]

Day 4 - Follow The Leader
[Co-Creating With God]

Day 5 - The Mother Lode
[Gaining Access To God's Limitless Creativity]

Day 6 - Setbacks And Breakthrough
[Restoring Our Life Through Creativity]

Day 7 - Rest Stop
[Creative Rest For Your Creative Best]


Part 2 - Nurturing My Creative Identity

Day 8 - Coming Into Focus
[Viewing Myself Through God's Perspective]

Day 9 - Removing Roadblocks
[Overcoming Obstacles That Hinder My Creativity]

Day 10 - Road Signs
[Creating New Pathways For My Creative Identity]

Day 11 - No Speed Limits
[Creating From Approval]

Day 12 - Owning The Road
[Becoming Confident In My Creative Identity]

Day 13 - Refueling
[Learning How To Nurture Our Creative Self] 

Day 14 - Rest Stop
[Recharging Your Creativity]

Part 3 - Cultivating Creativity Through Passion and Purpose

Day 15 - The Sky's The Limit
[Discovering Our Creative Capabilities]

Day 16 - Setbacks
[Where Creativity Is Sabotaged By Shame]

Day 17 - Milestones
[Identifying Our Creative Journey]

Day 18 - Propelled By Passion
[Igniting Your Creative Ingenuity]

Day 19 - Playing Chicken
[Taking Risk To Expand Our Creativity]

Day 20 - Turbo Charged
[Fueled By Supernatural Creative Power]

Day 21 - Rest Stop
[Cultivating Thankfulness In Our Creative Journey]


Part 4 - Impacting the Environment Through Creativity

Day 22 - Desired Destinations
[Discovering Where Our Creativity Can Have Impact]

Day 23 - Driving With A Purpose
[Cultivating Vision For Cultural Transformation]

Day 24 - Group Tours
[Creating With A Team]

Day 25 - Blazing Trails
[Leaving a Legacy Through our Creativity]

Day 26 - Going The Distance
[Building Perseverance to Fulfill our Creative Destiny]

Day 27 - Are We There Yet?
[Habits To Help Us Get To Our Creative Destination]

Day 28 - Rest Stop
[Celebrating Your Journey]



This was a wonderful journey that produced much fruit in my life. It was such a blessing to be discipled by Theresa in the spiritual arts as the 12 were discipled by Jesus. I truly saw God in Theresa and this curriculum. Ahhh!!!! I am still giddy over all of it. Just so awesome.
— Tracy Fouts
Boldness & enthusiasm is increasing! I now am excited about putting my work on my page vs being afraid and anxious. I feel confident to speak out what God has put on my heart & encourage others on video, social media posts and in person wherever I go. For a long time I had felt like I shouldn’t speak and who (other than my family & friends) would want to hear from me or see the art that I’ve made. Now I’m excited because Papa God is excited about ME!
— Rose Juarez
I love Create 28! Theresa Dedmon is brilliant in her teaching on all things creativity! I grew in my walk with God and discovering how I partner with His creativity! I love how easy it is my busy day to watch the videos and follow the exercises! I very much appreciate the online community group in which I share my art and personal growth process! I recommend this course to all ages. I give it 5 stars, and wish I could give it 10 stars! It’s that good.
— Lyn Rosenthal
This new freedom and joy has given me boldness to pray and lead people to Christ.. Just yesterday a woman came into the salon where I work with a wrist brace and I asked if she would receive prayer. We pray together and her pain went from a 7 to a 1. I asked her if she would like to have Jesus in her life and she received him with joy! I’m also encouraging my husband to write his blogs and books. Thank you so much Theresa and team for what you have given us!
— Miki White

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Available September 2018

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