What I Gained from Create 28 - Di Spediacci

I gained so many things from this course. One of the main things is confidence and willingness to take a risk. It was like God spoke and said ‘It’s Time’. I’ve had two paintings hung in an exhibition as part of a festival. Then I submitted to a gallery callout and both paintings were accepted. I’m booked to do an illustrators pitching session at a Children’s book conference and I’m talking to a fine arts printer re having prints made. I’m getting orders for story stones from Daycare centres which don’t pay much but it’s about using what’s at hand. My son in law is building me a website......so much is happening and it all came from the encouragement to take a risk and put my work out there. God is amazingly faithful. As we learn to place worship in the middle of everything we do breakthrough is beginning. Such an exciting time.