This Was Perfect! - Clarissa Valera-Hancock

I loved this online course. It helped me so much, learned so much and definitely had breakthrough that I needed for this season. The journey doesn't stop here, now I'm able to create art pieces with more confidence and freedom. Papa God and I will enjoy working together like never before, because now I'm able for Him to use me more to bless the people around me. Grateful for this opportunity to grow and discovered more who I am created to be! It was perfect!

Create 28 - Lyn Rosenthal

I love Create 28! Theresa Dedmon is brilliant in her teaching on all things creativity! I grew in my walk with God and discovering how I partner with His creativity! I love how easy it is my busy day to watch the videos and follow the exercises! I very much appreciate the online community group in which I share my art and personal growth process! I recommend this course to all ages. I give it 5 stars, and wish I could give it ten stars! Its that good.

A Rose in Bloom! - Rose Juarez

Boldness & enthusiasm is increasing! I now am excited about putting my work on my page vs being afraid and anxious. I feel confident to speak out what God has put on my heart & encourage others on video, social media posts and in person wherever I go. For a long time I had felt like I shouldn’t speak and who (other than my family & friends) would want to hear from me or see the art that I’ve made. Now I’m excited because Papa God is excited about ME!

What I Gained from Create 28 - Di Spediacci

I gained so many things from this course. One of the main things is confidence and willingness to take a risk. It was like God spoke and said ‘It’s Time’. I’ve had two paintings hung in an exhibition as part of a festival. Then I submitted to a gallery callout and both paintings were accepted. I’m booked to do an illustrators pitching session at a Children’s book conference and I’m talking to a fine arts printer re having prints made. As we learn to place worship in the middle of everything we do breakthrough is beginning. Such an exciting time.

Thank you! - Simone Hauck

Create 28 changed my life! I feel so blessed: Many lies were revealed and my heart were healed!

Since I started Create 28, I'm very courageous and take risks. Yes, it's so good to co-create with the Holy Spirit! :-) And through you, dear Theresa, I met other artists in Switzerland... Yeah, so great! I prayed so many years for this! THANK YOU!!! Much love, Simone

Such an Encouragement - Geoff Drummond

This course gave me a fresh and new appreciation that I really am creative and that it is part of my nature being made in God's image! It is full of keys for unlocking the steps to developing my creative destiny and seeing God transform my world and beyond. And all in rest and joy!

Thank you Theresa for all your inspired efforts to teach us and impart to us the beauty and hope and power of what you have gained from your own faithful creative journey!! Thank you to to your team!

Such a Blessing! - Mary Drummond

Theresa you covered so many essential daily life principles in a simple and well illustrated way, applying them in ways that brought encouragement and empowerment, just one or two bites at a time.

Thank you for the inspiring testimonies including the times of difficulty. The Key Points to Remember, Assess and Activate were helpful and my husband and I discussed the content and questions as we went along which also helped consolidate the content for us.

The stereotype of creativity belonging to the arts is an interesting one to consider because your content needs to be heard and applied by all believers. I think there would be many people like me who would take risk in new ways if they saw themselves as a creative as you have outlined.

Thank you for a great course!