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Lyn Rosenthal

My name is Lyn Rosenthal and I am passionate about Create 28 and Create to Be Free! I have experienced both online courses and have been released into new levels of freedom, healing and personal growth. I am currently a moderator in the Create 28 and Create To Be Free Facebook groups. I love connecting with our members! I love to hear God's heart for others and see lives transformed by the Love of God!

My coaching approach is based on active listening, great empathy and using creativity for healing. I love the healing process and I have devoted many hours of training towards counseling, coaching life skills and recovery.

Create 28 and Create to Be Free are both incredible courses in which we will explore together God's heart for your life. With each discovery and breakthrough, you will be validated, championed and released into greater levels of personal freedom. I look foward to our time together!


Education / Qualifications

I have clinically supervised experience with individual therapy, group therapy, life skills coaching for develpmental delay, mental health issues, domestic violence crisis line. I have two years experience to present as an Bethel On Stage Artists. I have served four years to present on Bethel's Prophetic Sessions team. I have served one year in Bethel's Healing Rooms.

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology

  • 1800 hours clinically supervised experience in trauma recovery, domestic violence, molest, substance abuse recovery, child, family and marital counseling, mental health assessments and treatment.

  • Certified Art Sozo

  • BSSM Third Year graduate, mentor Theresa Dedmon.

Lyn COaches:

  • Creative Coaching

  • Create 28

  • Create to be Free

  • Hearing God


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