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Kevin Dedmon

Take Your Creative Expression Global

Kevin Dedmon was on staff at Bethel Church, and taught Leadership Development and Theology in the School of Supernatural Ministry for over 13 years.  He developed Firestarters (a 12-week revival training class that continues to be offered at Bethel Church on a weekly basis, as well as used worldwide on every continent), and The Treasure Hunt.  

Kevin travels the world speaking at conferences and advising leaders on how to implement a supernatural Kingdom lifestyle.

Kevin was also a manufacturer’s representative for 6 years, representing fortune 100 companies to Toyota, Honda, and Nissan in designing, developing, and marketing O.E.M. products for the U.S. market.  He is skilled in Total Quality Management (TQM), business development, and marketing strategies.

If you are looking to turn your creative expression into a viable and visible business or ministry, then Kevin can help you put together a practical plan to help you go to the next level of influence.

You will develop a vision plan, incorporating operating core values, effective strategies, and reachable goals, as well as approaches for website development, social media, digital marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing.


Education / Qualifications

Kevin has helped many people launch successful brands, businesses, and ministries, and he is ready to help you achieve your prophetic potential to fulfill your God-given destiny.

  • B.A. in Biblical Studies, Vanguard University

  • M.A. in Leadership Development, Vanguard University

  • National Evangelistic Planning Board, The Vineyard Movement (1988-1990)

  • Church Planting Board, Foursquare International (2000-2002)

  • Church Planter, Huntington Beach, Ca. (1991-2002)

  • Author of The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, Firestarters, Unlocking Heaven, The Risk Factor, T.N.T., Homefire, Gnosticized.

Kevin COaches:

  • Business Development / Marketing


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