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Christy Lane

Christy loves to come up with innovative strategies to help people express their creative passion, and see their dreams come to life.

She has a tremendous desire to help people know their uniqueness, and celebrate each step they take towards their God-given destiny.

Christy has helped people to know their true identity and fulfill their destiny over many years of being a missions staff leader in YWAM, founding and managing 3 retail clothing stores, and teaching in church and school environments.

She has ministered to hundreds of hurting people who have experienced emotional, physical, and spiritual breakthrough 

Christy will help you tune into your heart’s desires and longings, as well as help you discover and eliminate obstacles to freedom and growth.  

Her coaching style is highly prophetic, along with offering practical goals and strategies to help you experience creative freedom through a closer connection with God.

She enjoys ocean beaches, long walks with her dog on a sunny day (preferably on the beach), and exploring new places.


Education / Qualifications

Christy is currently part of the Bethel Intercession team, Healing Rooms, and Ministry Teams. She has also written a book titled “God Encounters”

  • B.A. Degree, Sociology/Social Work

  • M.Ed Degree, Elementary Education

  • Bethel Coaching certification

  • Advanced Sozo training certification, Director of Sozo (Texas)

Christy COaches:

  • Creative Coaching

  • Create 28

  • Create to be Free

  • Hearing God


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