Trusting Your Inner Voice

I often wonder what it is about protests or when people criticize what a leader is saying that then moves a leader to alter their stance.. Is it because of the amount of people involved? Are they (the leaders) nervous of poor press? Are they scared of someone else’s opinion being heard and liked above their own?

It boils down to the fact that one person simply was tired of waiting for others to say something. So many of us have been told to say silent until we are spoken to. We have been taught to follow the crowd. What if all of that could change?

I once was in a service in which a group or men were joining in songs of praise to God. The room began to grow silent. But the atmosphere was pregnant with breakthrough. The problem was that so many were too afraid of doing something uncomfortable- breaking the silence.

We sing in church that the name of Jesus silences all fear. Yet, I wonder if we know how to silence fear of man? I, filled with passion and hungry for personal breakthrough, began to raise my voice and lift up my sound. Then, similar to the butterfly effect waves of sound began to arise in the room and soon the room was full of hunger and passion.

It wasn’t that we were waiting upon the Lord or that we knew that the worship leader had a great spontaneous song. The only thing between defeat and breakthrough was silence. The question was to be silenced or silence the fear itself.

Today, take a moment and think about how you can lead the crowd. It doesn’t mean that you have to shout or sing at the top of your lungs. It means not being willing to allow fear to silence you. It means breaking the silence even with a whisper.

Leading isn’t always about having the right thing to say or knowing the right thing to do. It means being willing to take the baton and run until you cross the finish line.

I never want to be the one to think my voice isn’t worth being heard because the one who created the stars and universe is waiting to hear it!

“What a mystery, that you notice me. And in a crowd of ten thousand, you don’t miss a thing, cause you see everything.” – “You Don’t Miss a Thing” Amanda Cook