Theresa Dedmon's Prophetic Word for 2018

A Calling for the Creatives

I believe 2018 will mark a new era for Christians to access heavenly wisdom that will be demonstrated by the Spirit’s power and will unleash creative ideas and strategies that will take believers to the next level.

I sense that I Corinthians chapter 2 will give us keys for unlocking these mysteries from heaven, so read this diligently, and ask God to reveal in your imagination what He has intended for us that goes way beyond what is humanly possible or plausible.

2018 will launch pioneers who creatively alter the negative affects of disasters through partnership with the Holy Spirit.


Year of the Lord’s Favor

Isaiah 61 begins with these words, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news…”

2018 will be marked by those whom the Spirit will anoint and rest upon so that they can bring hope and restoration through creative solutions in social media, creative pathways, and through centers of hope and healing.


Natural Disasters Transform Ways of Life

Crisis shifts us away from being comfortable towards what really matters in life.  All of the natural disasters in the world have given us a fresh perspective on what is transient, and what is meaningful and lasting — eternal. 

We had natural disasters like the earthquake in Mexico City, the flooding in the south from Hurricane Harvey, and then Hurricane Irma and Maria which destroyed Puerto Rico, parts of Florida and other islands, India’s monsoon that claimed many lives, not to mention all of the wildfires in California.

Many of us have grieved as we have seen the devastation wreaked in these places of disaster.  

At the same time, there is an invitation to ask God for a creative solution that could radically bring life to these areas.


Creative Healing Centers

I believe God’s strategy will be to raise up creative healing centers, where art, music, food, community, and trauma healing strategies will begin to restore back hope to people who have not only lost homes and security, but are afraid that it could happen to them.  

I see creative healing triage missionaries going into devastated places of crisis, and bringing light and hope into the darkness of despair — God’s presence and power.

In Isaiah 61, those who have been ravaged will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated and those who have been generationally cursed will be restored (verse 4).

I believe God is calling a mighty army of creative healers who will walk into any evil the enemy has done and bring hope, light, and healing for those who have been abused, beaten down, and destroyed.  

This will be our finest hour for Believers to introduce the eternal solution to brokenness- through Jesus.  God is raising up Creatives who can walk into the worst situation, and through His touch and leading, bring salvation, healing, and transformation.

We will also see churches and communities that will come together seeking creative strategies to restore wealth and we will see businesses that have been damaged or destroyed resurrected. 


Creative Solutions

God’s creative solutions are going to be downloaded, giving you ideas that can shift the culture, revitalize hope, and bring healing to nations and people groups.  

Some will be called to creatively intercede for solutions, while others will be called to creatively give in order to implement interventions and support.

Others will have creative downloads from heaven on technology, natural resources, and infrastructure strategies that will bring blessing out of the ashes of devastation.

Psalm 57:1 says, “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge in You; and in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge until destruction passes by.” 

If you ask God for creative solutions today to help those who have been ravaged, He will begin to open up doors for help to be sent and it may be through what you alone can imagine, envision, and release!


Creativity Will Change Culture

There are so many issues where we need innovative interventions of Heaven on earth.  This is where the Creatives can rise up to influence the culture, and bring transformation.

Get ready because God is going to download movie ideas, scripts, poems, art, books, videos, fashion, photography, culinary, and music to those who will be inspired as Bezalel was in Exodus 31.

These God-inspired creative expressions of God’s Kingdom principles will reverse the lies that the enemy has tried to insidiously “cancerize” to infect our culture.  This new year we will see creative champions arise who restore values that build healthy individuals, families, and communities.

This is going to be a year in which God’s Creatives are going to come up with effective solutions for combatting racism, terrorism, violence, sexual immorality, and addiction.

In 2018, you will see creative champions emerge, who will create life and hope through various creativity expressions, done with such excellence, beauty, and truth that they will awaken society to what is truly important and lasting.

I bless you in 2018 to see what God has for you this year.  I pray that His Spirit rests upon you as you create, and that you will have favor and open doors to influence the world around you, and the places God will call you to bring His redemptive and restorative purposes.

I want to encourage you to let 2018 be a year to see His will be done to bring more of Heaven to earth through your unique creative expressions!

You Are Born to Create!