The Rules of Creativity

Whenever our family plays games, we have certain “rules” of how the game is to be played that we have developed over time, sweat, argument, and competitive fun.

When we play one of those games with friends who are not familiar with our specific rules, they can become frustrated when they break one of the unknown rules.  There is usually a heated debate that follows (all in the fun), that can only be resolved by looking at the original rules created by the designer of the game (thank you Google).

I can’t tell you how many times our family rules had so deviated from the original rules without our even realizing it!  

Original Rules

In the same way, when many of us enter into the process of creating, we can easily think that the rules of creativity are a given.

Many of us don’t even realize we play by unwritten rules when we create, and then, wonder why some people are winning with ease, while others  are stuck at “do not pass go.”

As I study how the original creator, God, went about creating the Universe, and everything in it, including me, I can better understand how I can succeed at fulfilling my creative destiny.

Here are some of the helpful rules of creativity that I have discovered while studying the Creator’s perspective:

1. All Of Us Are Born Creative

We are all made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), and therefore, we are creative.  When others try to tell us that we are not creative, we have to silence that.

2.  God Wants Us To Co-Create With Him

In the rules of creativity, we are not to be a silent partner, but God wants us to be included in the playing of the game.  In Genesis 2:20, Adam is asked to name the animals and in a sense, enter into the creative process that God started, as He created the animals.

When Eve was formed, and came to Adam, he immediately named her Eve, thus, entering into co-creating her identity after God had formed her.  He wasn’t asked to name her, but he understood the rules of the game because he had played it so long through naming the million of animals on the planet.  

After Adam, we see this creative mandate carried down the Hebraic lineage line as his descendants named their offspring with names that matched their identity.

3.  Diversity Expresses God’s Creativity

Everything God created in the world — insects, animals, fish, birds, and plants is important to God’s creation.  In fact, if one part of the ecosystem is endangered, it’s not long until the entire creation is at risk.

We all know that man has not done a great job in taking care of our planet, although certain groups have made it their ambition to restore God’s creation to it’s original intent.

I have never had an affinity for mosquitos, but they are necessary commodity for the other animals higher up in the food chain.  

When it comes to creative expression, we tend to de-value what is outside of our own comfort level.  

Our school system has deemed some creative and others not.  Parents, and society as a whole, have made children and adults to feel inferior if they create differently from what is the acceptable norm.  

We have to ask the question, who sets up the norm?

It’s Time To Get God’s Rules of Creating Back

Wrong standards, set up by narrow-minded people, instill fear in those who take risk to be original, or create something unique.

This has also led to people thinking it’s not just what they create that is bad, but a reflection of who they are.

The reality is that we are all uniquely creative, and are called to take risk to release the creativity inside of us.

Interestingly, kids inherently know these rules.  They have no problem being unique, and take unhindered risk in revealing their creative expressions, whether through art, dance, singing, or drama, etc.

Unfortunately, most of us were told at some point that our uniqueness was not acceptable.  

It’s time to go back to the instruction manual.

God created us uniquely so that we will create differently than anyone else.  So let’s get the rules right, everyone has been designed creatively to reflect the image of God.

It’s time to accept the way we have been created to think, look, and create without judging ourselves by other’s standards, or by comparing ourselves to a standard God never set.

We All Play And We All Benefit

Just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work together, have various roles, which compliment one another, so too, God has called us to join in the game of creating new ways of expressing His glory.

As we grow in our creative potential, not only are we to co-create with God, enjoying the way we have been uniquely made, but we are to enjoy the way that others around us create, and work alongside them, and with them, as we create.

This rule of creating in community cancels out the prevalent fear of others prospering more than us, or that if we succeed, others will be hurt.  

Not one person can display all of the creativity required to reveal all of God’s greatness and goodness.  

We need each person’s contribution in the game of creativity, played by the rules God has established, so that we all get to win!

What rules do you follow when you create?

  • You are born to create
  • Co-create with God
  • God made you an original so be free to create differently than others
  • Create with others to benefit all

My hope for you is that when you create from now on, you would realize God’s original design in how He created you, that you would follow His empowering rules, and that you would not be moved when others try to make you play by rules that don’t follow the One who made you.

Remember- you are Born to Create!