The Profound Impact of Vulnerability in our Creative Process

My husband decided to beautify our property by cutting down a massive oak tree on the side of our house, which not only was a fire hazard, but also infringed on our neighbor’s property.  After it was cut down (5 huge loads to the dump later), we realized that we had never been able to see the beautiful mountains behind our house upon entering into our driveway because the tree had blocked the view.  

We discovered so much more beauty that could only be viewed once the obstacle was removed.

Just like my husband had to clear out a ginormous tree, God cuts off things within our lives that block the beauty hidden behind.

Father God is our gardener and cuts off every branch in us that is overgrown and unproductive.  There is no way that we can prune ourselves, just like there is no way our yard would be beautiful unless Kevin cut back the overgrown areas (John 15).

All of us want to be fruitful in our creative journey and to do so, we have to yield to the Father’s pruning methods.  One of the ways he prunes us is through vulnerability — exposing us to areas that are blocking our true beauty to show.

Vulnerability Is Personal

One time a prophet gave me a word that I am the “can do anything woman.”  It was in a church service, and everyone around me who knew me started to laugh because of how I love to achieve seeming impossible tasks that facilitate and demonstrate God’s glory.

I am so consumed with compassion and passion for global transformation that at times I neglect myself by not saying no to the many needs all around me. This has caused me to neglect my own needs for space, personal creative dreams, and rest. 

So, the Father has been exposing this branch that has grown quite profusely in my life like the large oak in our yard.  In this process, I have to be vulnerable to His Voice and allow Him to cut off the limbs of lies that have kept this branch living in my heart. 

Here’s one of those lies. 

I have a fear of letting others down, or that God would not be pleased with me if I said no.  This internal struggle may not be seen by anyone but me, but I have to allow God to cut this off by the way I think and respond when I feel overwhelmed or overworked. 

Even as I am writing this, I can feel myself becoming even freer.  The more vulnerable we can become, the more we will notice what can be cut out of our thinking that limits our perspective of ourselves and the world around us.

All of us have areas like I just mentioned that keep us from being fruitful in our creative journey.  I know that if I allow God to prune as He exposes this overgrown branch, I will have space to develop my creative destiny and see my path more clearly because I will have more time, rest, and strength. 

Rose’s Journey

I have had the privilege of coaching Rose Juarez for the last 3 months and she has blossomed so much in fulfilling her creative destiny through being vulnerable with me and Father God.  

Rose gave me permission to share an excerpt of her journey of ‘becoming’ as she explored her creative outlet in painting and writing.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 22.17.07.png

This piece is called “Set Apart”. It’s about me.  It’s about me being ok with who I am, with who I’m becoming...& even being ok with who I’ve been.  

I am learning that grace for myself is important because grace carries with it the power to change, to grow... to become.  To become who I’m meant to be. 

We’re all in vital stages of our becoming.  I’m finding peace in being ok with the knowledge that I am a rose in the process of blooming.  I find contentment in the fact that beauty can be found throughout each stage of becoming. 

Do I know that I’ve got a long way to go to fully realize who God made me to be?  Happily, YES!  As long as I’m living, I’m becoming.  As long as I’m breathing I get the honor of partnering with God to see MY destiny unfold!  This past season has yielded a lot, one thing I’m so excited about is a deeper longing to make each day count for the glory of God!

I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking. It simply amazes me to think about it! How thoroughly you know me, Lord!

What about you?

The wonderful and amazing truth that Rose and I have found is that Father God is the Gardener that can be trusted, so why not ask Him if there are areas in your life that need to be cut and pruned so that you can see the beauty in your life?

Being vulnerable with God and others allows us to care for ourselves with the same love and compassion that He does. If Rose hadn’t wanted to work on her constraints in our coaching appointments, she would’ve never been able to love herself as she does now!

Psalm 139 already gives us the understanding of how He knit us together in our mother’s womb for a creative purpose that we alone can fulfill.  I pray that you become vulnerable and open with His pruning, so that you can see what’s behind the lies or behavior that has stunted you from abundant living.


I believe that being vulnerable to the Gardener’s hand may be painful, but is so important in our process of becoming who we are meant to be!  I impart grace in the journey to love yourself as Rose and I have shared and to see yourself bloom profusely because of your surrender and yes.  I impart faith in the Master’s touch!  

Remember, you are Born to Create!