The Holiday Feast

Bringing Christmas Through Our Creative Gifts

How many of us parents have received nearly illegible Christmas cards from our children, but put them up on the mantel or refrigerator non-the-less?

How about when our child made that Christmas ornament that looked like a jumbled mess of green and red loops, but still became the centerpiece attraction on the tree? 

It’s easy to be moved by our children trying to bless us through what they create.

In the same way, we can move the Father in heaven by what we create down here on earth to bless others.


A Holiday Feast That Brings Christmas

Every year, our church puts on an event, called the Holiday Feast, where we present an amazing banquet of Tri-tip with all of the trimmings, and invite the poor and needy of our city to dine with us.  

We bus them in from all over the city, so that they can bless them in a multitude of creative ways.  This year we had about 500 children and adults.

As I looked around at all of the creative arts stations that included makeup, hair, and nails for the girls, haircuts, portrait paintings, photo shoot, dramas, dance, and music, I couldn’t help but to see Jesus smiling and saying,

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Matt. 25:40).  

When we bless those whom society deems as undesirable or lacking, we are really touching God.  When we do something practical to release God’s presence to someone, we are fulfilling Christmas.

God gave His best to us on that first Christmas when He gave the gift of His Son, Jesus.  When we give away the gifts God has given us to others, we are fulfilling God’s heart for us to be like Him.

That’s why we always try to give our best at the Holiday Feast — We want it to look as much like Heaven on earth as possible…Immanuel…God with us.

So for the Holiday Feast, our Church families host tables where they creatively lay out their best china, buy gifts, and sit down to eat with our honored guests.  

My family and I have hosted a table for years, where we have seen so many broken people find their Savior, which has been one of the most special moments I look forward to all year.


Your Creativity Can Make a Difference This Christmas

A lot of us have creativity, influence, and strategies that can make the difference in transforming others around us.  

Who knows, maybe your creative expression will bring someone hope, and transform their life this Christmas season?

I was amazed at how many men, women, and children went through our Prophetic Beauty Station.

As their hair was cut and styled, you could feel shame lifting, and confidence and hope rising in their eyes as they gazed in the mirror, admiring the creative styling.  The girls were overjoyed seeing the affects of the makeup, and brightly colored nails that highlighted their inherent beauty.

You could see a transformation in their confidence as we took their photo, and then sat them down for a prophetic portrait, as we prophesied over them about their identity and destiny from God’s perspective.

We are called to restore beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:1-3).  

As a result, people were healed physically, emotionally, and were honored in ways that they never could have afforded, as they got to see themselves the way God sees them.


Creating Creative Environment For Kids Brings Christmas

Additionally, every year, my team transforms a 2,000 square foot room into a simulated movie set, complete with artistic backdrops, and actors in costume.

This year, my team and I created an interactive story from the movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” in which Belle, the main character, would take 5-10 children through a maze of backdrop scenes like a Disney ride.  

The kids waited patiently for their turn to go on an adventure, leading through five different scenes depicting the love God had for the Beast that led to his salvation, and transforming him into a prince.

Then, the transformed Prince asked the children if they would like to be transformed and almost all of them received Christ!

I saw one 10-year-old boy go through this ride twice, and asked him why.  He shared with us that the first time he received Christ, and the second time, he wanted to learn about how to honor others as he had seen in the adventure.

I was wrecked as I saw countless children receive their “royal crown”, pray for Jesus to come into their life, and then feel that their life was important.


Creative Food and Entertainment Brings Christmas

We then led everyone into the main auditorium, where we had all of our hosts waiting at each table.

Each guest was given a prophetic Christmas card that my artists had created beforehand, and they read them as they enjoyed refreshments before the meal.

The food was brought to them by servers dressed in white, and was presented as one would expect from a Michelin rated restaurant.

As my music team played Christmas carols, the guests ate while telling the stories, and how this day had given them such encouragement and hope for the future. 

After the guests had all eaten dinner, and my drama and dance team performed a piece on the meaning of Christmas, another 25 people received Christ!


What We Get When We Give Our Creative Gifts

During the festivities, I was drawn to one man, Robert who had received hot chocolate and cards from Nathalie.  

As I sat down to talk to him, he told me that he believed there were many roads to God, and was reluctant to receive Jesus.  

I shared with Him that Jesus has power to heal us, and asked if he had pain in his body.  

He explained that he had severe pain when he walked.  

I asked him to look at the Christmas card that Nathalie, one of our artists, had drawn, while I laid I laid my hands on his feet.

After praying three times, the pain left his feet left and he could walk with no pain!  

We then led him to Christ!  

Robert’s life was forever changed because someone creatively gave him a gift, which opened up his heart to the Savior’s grace.

My life is forever changed by the gift of salvation that I was able to give to him through Jesus.  


Christmas Is About Changing The World Through Our Creativity

At Christmas time, we focus on Jesus’ birth, being with family and friends, purchasing and receiving gifts, but one of the greatest Christmas treats is seeing others transformed through what I created.

Many of you may not be involved in an event like the Holiday Feast, but there is someone who needs what you have today.  

I hope this blog will inspire you to create a Christmas card, or provide some practical service to someone in need, whether rich or poor.

We all have creative gifts that can bless someone who needs a touch from Jesus. 

Let’s invite people into a true Christmas encounter through the things we create and give away.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this little video showing what went on at this year's Holiday Feast