Spring Cleaning Our Creativity

Winter is finally coming to an end, and spring is in the air.  Springtime means that we get to bring out our shorts, sunglasses, and flip-flops.  Ah, there is nothing like getting ready to go to the beach or hike to see the wildflowers blooming.

Spring is also a season to clean, and rid ourselves of unneeded winter apparel we have collected.

Spring can also be a great time to do some spring cleaning to go to the next levels of our creative destiny.


Pruning Our Creativity For Greater Abundance

While I have always enjoyed filling my closet with the new fashion outfits for the coming spring season, I have never liked parting with my clothes- and shoes! 

All you have to do is look in my closet!  

Can anyone relate?

But if I am ever going to have room for the new styles, I have to clean out my closet, and learn not to get too attached to my favorite yellow pumps or stylized jeans.  

No matter how much I enjoyed them, at some point, they just go out of style, and yet I think to myself, but everything comes back into style.  You get the picture.  It’s hard, but oh so necessary!  Girls, I know that a lot of you can relate!

In the same way, we have to be willing to try new creative ways of speaking, writing, painting, singing, healing, prophesying, and witnessing, or else we will not find the new innovative ways God wants to use us to touch the world around us.

At some point, we must be willing to let our creative clothing go, so that God can replace them with His latest styles that attracts the attention of the world around us, no matter how attached we become.

Often, abundance of breakthrough comes through pruning.

Just like roses need to be pruned for a greater harvest, so we need to be able to let God, and others, prune our creativity so that we can have a better return.

I know this may be painful, but in the end, we will truly grow into new levels of creative style and expression.

Jesus talks about this process in John 15:1-2NIV

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful."

If we desire to grow in our creativity, we must be willing to let go of past innovations and accomplishments, and allow new things to spring forth.  We must make room for the new.


3 Helpful Tools To Prune Your Creative Garden

If you have ever seen a child weed in the garden, they tend to pull the weeds out from the top without the proper tool to get the root.  In a matter of weeks, that same weed will  start to peek out of the dirt because the roots were not removed. 

In the same way, we need tools if we are going to root out things that seek to prevent our garden growing into fruitful creativity.


1.  Power of Feedback and Support

If we are ever going to grow, we must allow experts, or those further along than ourselves, give us honest feedback on how we can grow.  Critiquing is essential if we are going to escape complacency. 

When our family first moved up to Redding, California from the beach in Southern California, I wasted so much money on flowers and plants that couldn’t withstand the 114 degree heat of Redding’s summer heat.

I wasted a lot of time planting the wrong things in spring.  

Thank God for Home Depot.

Now we have beautiful and sturdy plants and flowers everywhere in our backyard.

I want to encourage you to find a person that you trust to help you by giving you simple steps of how you can improve on a regular basis and then see how quickly you improve- it will be amazing!

Getting back to clothes, I also have girlfriends that I take shopping with me, who let me know what clothes and shoes look good on me.  This kind of feedback helps me to see myself in a way that I can’t on my own.  And, it’s so much fun filling up the space created from the spring cleaning!


2.  Trust The Gardener’s Promise

I am a person who has a hard time waiting.  I want to be a professional artist, fashion designer, E-Course writer and blogger overnight.  

But a seed just doesn’t become an oak tree over night!  I wish!

As you work under the Holy Spirit’s direction, you will often find that many attempts are needed to truly find the most fruitful creative expressions.  

God will anoint whatever we create, but He also wants us to see greater anointing as we press in to perfect our craft, which requires countless hours developing in our creative field.

Speaking of clothes again, I love to find the perfect outfit to wear, or to create art that will be in my new fashion line, but I am aware that this takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of work.  Lots of shopping too!

As I trust God’s vision as the Gardener over the seeds inside of me, I know that in time my creativity will blossom and grow, like leaves budding after a long hard winter.


3.  Celebrate the First Fruits

Every year in my garden, I can’t wait when my yellow daffodils peak out from the dirt, and smile up at me.  I love the scent of my purple wisteria blossoms filling the air, as they stretch up and around our backyard balcony.

In the same way, celebrate each and every little success that you have in your creative development.

Don’t become discouraged when you have to start over or feel like you are in a slump, but gain courage because this is all part of the pruning process that we need for greater abundance and fruitfulness.

I remember when I was almost done with my book Born to Create and then I had to send it off to another editor which delayed the date for it to be completed, which was so frustrating, but so necessary.

When I finally sent it to the publisher, I had a party.  I didn’t know if I would sell one copy, but I was determined to celebrate what had grown in the garden of my creativity.

The Feast of Firstfruits in the Bible was always a celebration of thanks for what the Israelites had initially received in the harvest, with the expectation that an abundance was sure to follow.

As we learn to celebrate, giving thanks for what we see springing up, we will see an abundance of breakthrough in our creative fruitfulness.

So, as you are cleaning up your yard or your closet in this spring season, remember to also clean out your creative space.

Allow the Father to prune you this spring, and let others help you to become even more fruitful as they give you feedback and encouragement.

And remember, every seed will eventually sprout, and one day you will look out at your creative garden and say, “Wow, it’s more abundant than I could have ever imagined or dreamed!”


Remember, you are Born to Create!