School of Creativity - Family of One

Massive upgrade

We experienced so much extravagant love from the Father during the School of Creativity 

Everyone was significantly touched, both those who streamed live and those who came as our honored guests.

One of the greatest treasures, which our guests shared on their feedback forms was that this was an immersive school, where they were able to activate creatively in workshops and interactive booths, as well as receive from our teams during breaks in creative booths, critiques, and other activities throughout our campus.

I believe everyone who was there or who watches it will get a massive breakthrough both in freedom and pursuing dreams. I strongly encourage you to purchase the School online.

Personal breakthrough

Simon Bull is a legend as a world class artist. As he painted on stage, using paper towels as brushes, and unpackaged his story on Thursday morning, I was undone by his humility, depth of theological understanding, and way of processing God through his art.

One of my highlights was on Friday night when I painted with my family, and then other families in our artist’s community painted on the same canvas.  Then, Simon Bull and I painted the family tree, which represents the cross and tree of life as well over the paintings our families had done.

Theresa Dedmon Simon Bull SoC 2019.png

On Saturday, after the school was over, Kevin and I had Simon and his wife, Joanna over for breakfast.  I was astounded by his generosity when he gave me this abstract floral painting whih he had done on stage on Tuesday night.

Take it!

God gives us more than we can think or comprehend (I Cor. 2:9).  It’s time for you to see God’s hand connect you with people so that we can collaborate and share our influence and our creative gifts.  Be generous today! Give away an encouraging word creatively and see it grow!

As you listen to the School of Creativity online or remember what God did when you were there, remember to take the seeds you’ve been given and give away what you have!

Every eCourse, book, artwork, poem, and teaching I have been given can water these seeds as well as the other resources our speakers have available that were at the School of Creativity.

I pray that you continue to grow and press on towards the mark to win the ultimate prize for the glory of God!

Remember, you are born to create!