Savor the Wonder of Christmas

Wonder dresses the world with awe. A simple smile, a child’s laugh, Christmas lights hung on frosted rooftops, and the smell of sugar cookies coming out of the oven with hot cider brewing on the stove. “Tis the Season to be Jolly” wafts wondrously through the halls of our house and our hearts.

This Christmas season is full of wonder, whether you are a 90-year-old grandma, watching your grandchildren explore the newfound hopes and dreams of Christmas promise, or a 4-year-old, balancing their sense of risk and fear on their first bike.

My wonder comes alive not only in simple packages like my grandchildren’s giggles as we take our dog, Kai, for a walk, but the power that is wrapped in the understanding that I am first, and foremost, a child at heart — a child of God.  

And of course, the Christmas wonder of Jesus coming as Immanuel (God with us), causes such a celebration of glee, merriment, and joy inside my heart that cannot be contained in any and every environment and circumstance.


Savor the Savior

Everything changed because of Jesus’ obedience to come on that first Christmas, as a babe in a manger, to live life in the weakness of flesh, but demonstrating the wonder of God’s grace by giving us the abundant life he lived in the face of daily temptation, and utter rejection. 

The Savior of the world brought so many gifts through His birth of which we can celebrate. 

The wonder of Christmas appears in His unconditional love, healing power, transforming grace, and His ever-present presence, to those who choose to see through believing eyes. 

Savor the Story

Christmas is about remembering the wonder of Christ’s birth through the stories we read, carols we sing, and movies we watch.

I love the Christmas movie, Scrooge (all of them).

It’s as if I relive my own conversion through the light shining in the eyes of Scrooge, who has lived his life entirely for himself.  After he comes to the realization that his life has been spent in vain, he finds the wonder of a Christmas invitation into the mercy and grace of God to get a “Do-Over”, and begin a new life of selfless giving and extravagant joy. 

I can so relate to all of the times in which I needed a “Do-Over” for something I did, or didn’t, do.  Like, Scrooge, we all have the opportunity to choose the wonder of Christmas each and every day.

Each Christmas brings me back to the wonder of what Jesus did for me, and gave me, in such lavish fashion.

Savor the Significant

Think back to all that you have been given, when you were young.  Sometimes, it is easy to minimize the significant gifts we have been given.  Even seemingly insignificant impartations and models can contribute to our creative destiny if we can see through a redemptive Christmas perspective.

I did not come from what the world would note as noble stock, but my father owned a dairy delivery business, and later, a health food store, modeling hard work, loyalty, and entrepreneurism, while my mother was one of the most creative people I have ever known, passing on a passion for every kind of creative expression.

My family had very creative Christmas traditions like making ornaments, special cookies, and elaborate home decorations that I have passed down to my family.  I will never forget all of the Christmas plays my family and I put on at prisons, orphanages, and convalescent homes where the wonder of Jesus’ birth brought hope and healing to so many.

Over the last 16 years, I have had the privilege of helping put on our Holiday Feast at Bethel Church, where we bus in over 500 homeless and poor people for a huge creative celebration and mouthwatering tri-tip dinner. Before the feast begins, my teams cut and style the guest’s hair, provide make-up, and paint nails.  We then invite them to have their picture taken by our professional photographers, as well as paint prophetic portraits of them.

We also pass out prophetic Christmas cards, sing Christmas carols, and share an interactive Christmas story for the children, in which they learn of the true story of Christmas.

This year, I talked to one of our guests, Larry, who by most accounts, would have seemed insignificant in society.  I found out that Larry needed healing in his shoulder as one of my team was creating a card for him.  I placed the card on painful area of his shoulder and he was miraculously healed and could move his arm without any pain.  I had the privilege of leading Larry to Christ, and he immediately had a revelation that he was significant to God.  That miracle brings tears of joy to my eyes, and causes me to savor the wonder of Christmas.  

There are so many reasons to worship God like the Wise Men did on that first Christmas.  Here are some tips to help you savor the wonder of Christmas this year, and on…

Recipe for Savoring the Wonder of Christmas

  • Write a card to Jesus stocking stuffer

Every year, I write a letter thanking God for what He has done that year and asking Him to bless the next year with my hopes and dreams for myself and my family.  Then, I seal the letter and put it in my stocking to open up the following Christmas where I get to see all that happened.

  • Reflect on each loved one’s life and milestones

I write a letter to each of my family members and put them in their stocking, celebrating the wonderful things God has done in their life and then prophesying into their next season.

  • Questions for the Christmas Dinner

For me, Christmas dinner is so important.  I always write creative questions for each person that is pertinent to the Christmas story.  I try to include humorous and serious questions that lead to discussing the meaning, and significant elements, of the Christmas season.

  • Spend Time Alone with Jesus

Meditating and reflecting on His story helps me to savor His presence.  I love to spend time with Immanuel by the Christmas tree, watching the lights sparkle, while listening to carols. 

During this Christmas season, I want to encourage you to take time to reflect on all the wonders and gifts God has given you that spark the wonder of being His kid.  Thank Him for your family, friends, experiences, and blessings.  Recount how many times He has answered prayer when you thought it was hopeless. But most of all, let’s be thankful for the wonder of knowing Him in all of the different forms and ways that He has reveals Himself to us.  

Like on the first Christmas, there in the stable in Bethlehem, let’s savor the wonder of Christmas, as we are reminded of the angel’s promise to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy to all people (Luke 2:10)”. 

I don’t know where you will spend the Christmas holidays, but I know that Jesus wants to spend it with you!  Whatever your situation, whether hard or victorious, He is there with you, and wants to show you the wonder of Christmas.  

Remember, you were Born to Create.