Life Matters

I love movies like Schindler’s List that depict what happened in World War 2, when American and Europeans joined forces to end Hitler’s diabolic plot to kill all Jews.  During the war, over 6 million Jews were murdered, not counting so many others who died trying to save and rescue them.  

The world today could use some more heroes like Oskar Schindler, who saved some 1200 Jews through his own creative efforts 

In the past, I have had the honor of ministering to the Genocide orphans in Rwanda because one tribe decided to slaughter another through propaganda and mob hatred.  In fact, I originally created my online course, Create to be Free for those who have experienced trauma as victims of war, mistreatment, and exploitation in countries like Iraq, Greece, South Africa, and the Philippines. 

I am happy that there are people helping to right the wrongs happening around the world, yet there is one atrocity that most of the world refuses to face: the injustice of slaughtering of the unborn.

In Psalm 139:13-14, David declares, “You formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am wonderfully and fearfully made”.  God’s word is clear that life starts with inception, and therefore, to end a life is murder, no matter what stage of life a person is at. 

Who will hear their muffled cries, and stand up for them in this time in history?  

Unfortunately, many churches and Christians are now supporting abortion even though God’s message is clear: “He who made you, who formed you in the womb, will help you (Isaiah 44:2)”.  

The Scripture is also clear that, “We are Christ’s ambassadors, as though God was making His appeal through us (2 Corinthians 5:20).  In other words, it is up to us as believers to take on God’s mission to defend the rights of those who are unable to protect themselves.

It is the responsibility of every believer to stand up and do whatever is required to save the lives of the unborn.

As Creatives, we can to stand up through every creative expression God has gifted us with to communicate His message.

It’s not really that bad… Let’s talk stats…

In an article entitled, Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed, on December, 13, 2018, the website reported that there have been some 41.9 million abortions performed in the course of the year, making abortion the number one cause of death worldwide in 2018.  Out of all of the pregnancies worldwide, 23 percent were ended by abortion.

We Can Change The Stats

As I watched the movie “Unplanned” with my friends, I was so moved by Abby Johnson’s fight to end abortion.  

Her story shows how she radically changed her stance from being a director at a large abortion clinic in Texas to becoming a Pro-Life advocate after seeing an ultrasound of an unborn baby fighting for its life and then being aborted. 

I wept throughout the movie as I discovered that abortion isn’t at all about helping women or what’s right anymore, but has simply become a money making venture.

I wonder how many people would support abortion if they were the ones in the womb fighting for life? What would’ve they wanted their mother to choose?  Would they be as adamant to say that we have the right to abort a full-term baby, as the state of New York now has done? 

If our culture and laws determine the value of life, then, where will it end?  If we teach our young women and men that an unborn child is an inconvenience, then where will we be in the future when parents don’t want children with defects, or the elderly can’t feed themselves? 

The fact is that in God’s eyes, every life matters, no matter what stage or condition.

Effects of abortion on women

Most advocates of abortion propel the belief that every woman has a right to make their own choice for their own wellbeing, but no one shares about the negative emotional, relational, and physical side affects of women who opt for abortions for convenience.

Here are some interesting facts from about women who have had an abortion.

  • Women who have an abortion are 3 times more likely than women of child-bearing age in the general population to commit suicide.

  • The increased risk percentage of women who have an abortion compared to women in the general population of having at least one mental health issue: 81%.

  • Teen girls are up to 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than their counterparts who have not had an abortion.

  • Teen girls who have had an abortion are up to 4 times more likely to successfully commit suicide when compared to older women who have had an abortion.

  • About 45% of women who have had an abortion report having suicidal feelings immediately following their procedure.

The statistics are clear that abortion is not only taking the lives of the unborn, but is destroying the women who have had abortions. 

What Can We Do?

Support movies like, Unplanned, by seeing it at the movie theater.  The more money we spend supporting this creative expression, the more attention the world will pay.

We can rise up and voice the truth through our creative endeavors to be a catalyst for change. 

Here is an example of how one of my fellow artists, Katy Barsch, is contributing to the cause of justice, as she painted an unborn baby in God’s hands to declare that every life matters.  

© Katy Barsch

© Katy Barsch

We are the Change

Abby Johnson discovered that 75% of women do not proceed with their abortions when there are Pro-Life supporters at the abortion clinics.

As I watched the movie Unplanned, I was reminded of my Mom who would go to the abortion clinic every week with my Dad, not only to pray, but to talk to women and share about life.

What would happen if we prayed, supported Pro-Life pregnancy centers, and created relevant and pertinent content to awaken others to the truth on social networks or in our spheres of influence.  My artists and I are dreaming about what we can do at Crisis Prolife Pregnancy centers with Create to be Free eCourses and artwork.  What about you?

Throughout history, there have believers who stood up for the rights of those who had have no one to help them.  This is our hour to rise up and do what we can because life matters!

Remember, you are Born to Create!