Impartation Anyone?

I just interviewed one of my friends, Lisa Crumpton, a pastor, and professional artist, who leads an Arts Renaissance in Johannesburg, South Africa (See Create Talks Nov 1).

Up until 2008, her understanding of art had always been limited to the technical aspects of painting.  The thought of Holy Spirit’s presence empowering her during the creative process never occurred to her.

When her and her husband came to a 3-day conference at Bethel Church in 2008, she experienced the presence and power of God through creativity for the first time.  

She was so moved by the encounter, that she began asking for an impartation of supernatural creativity over the next two days.  Her entire body, soul, and spirit seemed to be soaking up all of the anointing that was available in the atmosphere.

When she returned to Johannesburg, she decided to incorporate some of the creative expressions she had seen at the conference, so that the impartation she had received from my team could be released to her congregation.

So, that next Sunday, during worship, she painted on stage, as one of her friends danced freestyle.  

Immediately, the congregation began encountering God’s presence in fresh and powerful ways, as they watched her paint.

After the service, someone bought her painting, so that they would be reminded of the powerful encounter they had experienced through the art.

Today, Lisa is a well-established prophetic artist in South Africa, and is leading a creative renaissance, as she has passed on the impartation she received.

When we create in His presence, there is not only an impartation to encounter the power of the creative expression, but also to receive the anointing to expand our creativity.

Here are 3 steps you can take if you want your creative expression to carry an impartation.


1.  Ask

God wants us to ask for what we want, and then like a good Father, He will give us our desires.

  • Elisha asked for a double portion impartation of anointing (2 Kings 2:9)
  • Moses asked to see God’s glory (Exodus 33:18)
  • God told David that he should have asked for more blessing (1 Samuel 12:8)
  • The apostles asked for more boldness (Acts 4:29-31).  

Jesus said, “Ask and it will given to you (Matthew 7:7).

I remember when I began to ask God for an anointing impartation through my art and other creative expressions.

I could have never comprehended all of the miracles and healings that have occurred, as people have looked at my art, over the years.  So many people have been encouraged and set free, and many have received Christ as they have encountered God’s goodness through what I created.

God wants to do the same through you!

I encourage you to ask God to give you an impartation for an anointing to create.  

2.  Activate

This past Halloween, I took about 40 budding artists from Bethel to our mall.  Before we went, we drew prophetic pictures to give to people who were walking around in costumes as well as shop owners and employees.

It was our treat.

Halloween can be an amazing opportunity to show people what their true identity is.  We have nothing to fear when we go out with the love of Jesus and with His authority.

The majority of the artists I took out had never given away art before to people they didn’t know, let alone to strangers in public.

I asked Holy Spirit to fill them, and then they began to create prophetic pictures and accompanying writings explaining the prophetic meaning.

Then, we went out in groups to the mall to find our treasures that we would give our treats to.

After only 40 minutes giving our art away at the mall, we came back together and shared testimonies.

Amazingly, everyone had a testimony.

The artists shared that as they gave away their art, people were shocked, and some were crying because the prophetic messages impacted them so greatly.

The team was able to pray for many who had just come to the mall looking to have a good time, and ended up finding out that God had treats for them beyond candy!

The team left the mall so excited about the power of their creativity to transform people’s lives.

All it takes is a little activation to release the impartation we have received.  I want to encourage you to activate what is inside of you to release God’s good treats to those around you.

3.  Apply

As Christians, we can become conference junkies, where we just learn information, and go from one speaker to the next, but never grow because we never take what we have learned, and apply it to our lives on a regular basis.

Each day, I get to create with Him, and see people rocked — how about you?  

I want to encourage you to challenge yourself on how you can create supernaturally on a regular basis, so that people are touched, not only on Halloween, but every day.

We activate our impartations when we look for creative ways that we can bless people with our creativity. Remember, that we are anointed to be Christ’s hands and mouthpiece to express His goodness and kindness to the world around us.

When we take risk to release what we have received, we will be amazed at what God will do in us and through us.

Take It

I release an impartation to you right now, to encounter God’s presence in new and powerful ways, and then to begin to activate what you receive to the people around you in creative ways, so that they are transformed by supernatural power of the Holy Spirit through what you create.

As you apply what you have received today, let me know what happens.

Also, look for my new Prophetic Art Store grand opening in a few weeks!  

What a great way to spread the impartation of a supernatural encounter of God’s presence to those who may need hope and encouragement for this Christmas season!