How Fashion Reveals Your Identity

Did you know that what you wear is directly related to what you believe about yourself?  

Ralph Lauren said, “ Fashion is not necessarily about labels.  It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”


Fashion Expresses Our Identity

You don’t have to convince a child that fashion and identity go hand in hand.  My granddaughter at 3 years of age chooses her wardrobe very carefully — from Minnie Mouse underwear to Princess outfits.

I could go to Neiman Marcus, and buy the most expensive outfit for her, but it’s the $10 “Nemo” shirt that she would wear every day.


Brielle has identified her identity at this time of her life as a princess, Disney character, and a fish.

What we value is displayed by what we wear and the style we emulate.


Fashion is God’s idea

God was the first fashion designer when He gave Adam and Eve garments to cover their shame (Genesis 3:21), which was a future prophetic sign that He would give us His Son, Jesus, to give us a new identity of righteousness (Ephesians 4:24).

We are literally commanded to be clothed with Christ to reveal our true identity (Romans 13:14).

Fashion is important to God because it reflects our inward beliefs and core values.

Even today, God gives us a desire, and wants to give us strategies to create fashion that reflects our true identity. 


God Wants to Re-claim the World of Fashion

It’s sad to see how many designers in the fashion industry exploit women by downgrading their worth through lust. 

Sex has become the icon of the fashion industry, forcing many designers to compromise in order to sell apparel — 250 billion in sales in the U.S. alone!

I believe God is raising up a new breed of designers with Heavenly standards.

God gave Moses specific instructions on what the priests were to wear, which gave them an identity different than everyone else in Israel (Ex. 28).

Just as God designed clothing, shoes, and jewelry to reflect the identity of the priests, so too, God wants to use us to design clothing that reflect our identity as people who have abundant life inside of them.

We are called to be influencers who radically transform culture.  

It’s so important to understand that just as my grand daughter, Brielle, is mesmerized by Disney designs, in 7 years, she will be looking at popular clothing lines seeking to shape her values as a woman.

It’s time to raise up Kingdom creative fashion designers who get designs from Heaven, and that bring out the beauty and honor of every type of figure.


Raising Up Fashion Revivalists

I have had a fashion track in my Creativity Track at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) for many years.  

Many of my former students have gone on to develop their own fashion design lines. 

One of my past students, Anne Ballard, has a thriving business called “Crowning Jewels,” where she designs jewelry that reflect Kingdom beliefs, so that people can wear their identity.  She has a new design called “the Jesus collection.”

I feature Anne on my Create Talks, in which she discusses her vision and strategy to advance the Kingdom of God through her jewelry designs. 


My story

I have a heart to end the sexual exploitation on every level, and to see fashion honor women and beautify them without compromising styles of clothing.  

About 2 years ago, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to make a difference in the fashion industry.

l have always loved to display beauty and artistic design through what I put together to wear.  

When I dress, I create like I’m a canvas that will express my identity, through the colors and patterns I display in my outfits.


Fashion is Art – My Fashion Vision

Over the past 15 years, God has anointed my art in such a radical way that people get physically and emotionally healed, encouraged, inspired, and activated in their creative call.

So I thought to myself, why not combine my art with apparel?  

Why couldn’t I see my artwork represented on leggings, dresses, skirts, bags, scarves, and more?  

And then it just happened.  

I created an abstract piece of art, and had it made into leggings.  Everywhere I went women asked me about them, and wanted to know where they could get a pair. 

I began to share my vision with other people on my creative team who love fashion, and we developed a design team, in which we are creating prophetic outfits and ensembles that display Kingdom messages of hope and inspiration.

Now, women are being clothed in designs that were birthed in worship, as I painted from heaven’s perspective.

Women tell me that they feel beautiful when they wear my art, and that they sense more of Heaven, as they go about their day.

My heart is to create fashion that will redeem the identity of people, and change the current cultural trends that devalue the diversity of how each person is made.


A New Fashion Vision

Let’s celebrate fashion that builds identity instead of tearing it down, and designs that highlight inner and outward beauty.

Let’s make fashion fun again, as my grand daughter Brielle has found, and let’s bring back fun for shoppers, who want better choices for the way God created them to be!

I want to encourage you to join me in clothing ourselves with the redemptive purposes that God intended in the first place.

I hope this blog inspires you to think about what you are wearing, and how your identity will be revealed through your fashion choices.

Also, GET READY to shop ‘till you drop!


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