How Creative Champions are made

I am intrigued as to what makes champions.  I believe the distinguishing factor is not gifting, experience, or upbringing because we all know incredibly gifted people who have never moved from the dream phase to fulfilling their destiny.  

The seeds of their potential lie dormant inside the soil of their innate abilities and giftings, without ever breaking through to experience the joys of fruitfulness.

The reality is that each one of us has the potential to become a creative champion, as we partner with God’s powerful presence to move the mountains of the mundane, and innovate past the impossible.

So, how does one make themselves into creative champions?


Creative Champions Have Grit

Webster’s Dictionary defines grit as “firmness of mind and spirit and unyielding courage.”  

I believe Martin Luther King became great because his vision became greater than his fears.  His perseverance in remaining true in difficult times, even when his dream seemed hopeless, created a monumental shift in our country, in which the repercussions are still being felt in our world today.

Now it’s our turn to demonstrate true grit.  

Like Martin Luther King, we need to find out what our prophetic call is and put our creative passions to work to change history.  

The Power of a Prophetic Call

I remember the first time I realized the breadth of my call.  I was 18-years-old, sitting on top of a mountain overlooking Reno, Nevada, when I had an open vision of a great harvest.  

In the vision, a large African sun was setting on the horizon as the wheat swayed in the wind.  As I began to zoom in on the scene, I saw myself on a wagon dishing out food and water.  As I got closer, the wheat that had been swaying in the wind, turned into hands — millions of hands wanting to live through what I was giving away.

It was then I realized my life mattered, and that I was given an assignment much larger than a “nobody” from Reno could fulfill.  This prophetic vision inspired me to pursue Bible College, and then to take risks to walk in my supernatural destiny.

Here are some ways to hear your prophetic call:

  • Ask
    If you don’t have a prophetic call yet, ask God today to show you how your life can impact history.  
  • Listen:
    You don’t have to have an open vision like I did.  God can speak to us through dreams, desires, or other people’s prophetic insights about our destiny.
  • Look:
    You can also find out what God has called you to by looking over the testimonies of your life.  What has God already done in you and through you?

God’s adventure for you is way beyond what you can even imagine.  His desire is to speak to you about how you matter, and how your unique creative call can creatively transform others around you.


Creative Champions Cultivate Unyielding Courage

As I study those who have walked in unyielding courage, I find a certain kind of courage that is ever unyielding, even in the face of the wind and the waves of uncertainty.

Like Peter, who is looking at his destiny from the safety of a boat, Jesus calls me to walk out on the stormy waters of insecurity where I have never gone before.  

I have learned over the years that if I keep looking into His eyes with each step, I can do the impossible.

I never thought I could paint and speak in front of an audience, but now I am asked to do this in churches around the world.  

Interestingly, even though I was painfully shy and introverted as a young woman, my grit and my prophetic vision helped me face my worst fears and move towards my creative call.


A Man Doomed to Discouragement Rises In Courage

Nick Vujicic is a man that was born without any arms or legs.  He didn’t let that deter him from fulfilling his creative destiny.  He became an actor and public speaker, who brings hope to people around the world who are trapped in the web of pain and disabilities.

His book, “Life without Limits” let’s you know that physical limitations are no match for a creative champion’s influence to surface. His grit has impacted millions of lives through his creative messages in films and books.


Creative Champions Always Find A Way

We know that when Beethoven was 45 years old, he became deaf, yet continued to compose, writing his most famous work, the Ninth Symphony.  

Because of his relentless pursuit of creative expression and beauty, his music is studied in music conservatories around the world, and still listened to even though it is 200 years old.

Whatever limitations you may have, you can still fulfil your creative destiny, and become a creative champion.

When I look back on my life, I never dreamed that I would be going to Africa and healing the genocide orphans of Rwanda through God’s creative strategies of healing.  

Moreover, I never dreamed that He would give me downloads for creating an Art in Healing curriculum that would bring emotional and spiritual healing to refugees ravaged by Isis, and that my dramas would be setting children free in schools in South Africa.

God knew what He was doing when He gave a seemingly insignificant 18-year-old girl a dream and destiny beyond even her own comprehension.  

He also knew that grit and unyielding courage would be the commodity most needed to move her destiny into gear.

We have been asked by the Creator of the Universe to assume our position in history and to write, paint, dance, sing, cook, sew, design, and believe as though our lives really matter.  

I want to encourage you to begin to take unyielding courage with you, and start taking your ground to become a creative champion.


Please let me know in the comments below how this blog has encouraged you in some way.   Let me know how you are taking risk to step out in your creative destiny!