Creators of Light

The light in creation

Let there be light. Those were the first words spoken in the genesis of creation. Those words are still living in every cell within us. God calls us children of light. With that identity is the potential to partner with the Creator and bring the light of God to every situation.

What if there’s a song inside you for someone struggling with depression? A dance waiting to be choreographed that displays true love? What does being a child of light mean to a world looking for hope? 


Light designs

One day as I was lost in worship at a Sunday morning church service, I saw a soft glow on my left across from my closed eyelids. I opened my eyes wondering if it was one of the stage lights that was piercing through the crowd in front of me but what I saw caught me off guard.

On my left was a woman wearing a T-shirt with an artwork on her back. The piece of art wasn’t emitting light. It was simple and unassuming. Yet, as I closed my eyes again I saw the same soft glow, I asked Holy Spirit what it was. He said that the person that designed that artwork created it from a place of love and union with God. It carried light - the DNA of heaven to impact not just the wearer but everyone that sees it. 

For far too long the church has been convinced that our flesh is evil but what if we aligned not just our spirit and soul to God’s kingdom but our bodies as well? As we submit our bodies to the Lord, the glory that’s found in our union with His spirit gets to fill every step we take, everything we touch, every word we speak and every thing we create.

We leave traces of light in the air when we dance. The spoken and written word hold the power to illuminate minds and heal hearts. Paintbrushes in the hands of children of light release love, joy and peace with every stroke. 


Painting with Glory

My husband, Jack, and I recently bought a house that’s a fixer-upper. As we removed carpet, drilled away ceramic tile and stripped walls of old paint we quickly realized that we underestimated how much work needed to be done before we could settle into our new home.

After weeks of renovations, lack of rest and seemingly unending discoveries of new things to fix, the house we knew was a gift from God was slowly becoming a burden. We needed to take a breath, raise our eyes to the one that never gets overwhelmed and ask Him what His intentions were for gifting us with this house.

As I quieted my heart and my mind I saw Jesus painting the walls with so much joy and I felt Him say that the gift He longed to give us was the invitation to partner with Him in designing a home that houses his presence.

So we painted the walls believing that each layer emanated with glory. We wrote prophetic declarations on our concrete subfloor before we covered it with vinyl planks. Like David who through divine inspiration designed a temple for the Lord and Solomon who used impressive wisdom to build it, our creativity in union with Light influences space and the people that experience it. 


Invited into partnership

Whether it’s dreaming with God in building a home or dealing with a situation that’s overwhelming, the same invitation to release light is open to us.

Recently, Redding was hit by an unprecedented fire. Although the Carr fire has been contained, its detrimental effects have deeply impacted our community and restoring what was lost will take years to rebuild.

During these times of great need we can be tempted to fall into the trap of helplessness, paralyzed by the pain in front of us. A little boy in the Bible was faced with a similar dilemma, fully aware of the thousands of people that were needing food, he looked at his 5 loaves and 2 fish and instead of seeing what he didn’t have, he saw an invitation. So he offered what he had to a God who did not bow to impossibilities, and the simplicity of his surrender fed the multitude.

As children of light we get to let the God of compassion fuel us into action as we believe that who we are and what we have matters.

Our creativity in the hands of God can cause a ripple effect that fills the greatest need and overcome the powers of evil. John 1 says, “In him (Jesus) was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Jesus is the light of the world and whoever follows him has the light of life (John 8).

As we partner with the Lord He will instruct us to draw, paint, dance, sing, write and create to carry the light of life to a world waiting to be restored. 


Let your light blaze

So as a child of light I want to leave you with these questions:

How can your creativity bring light to someone living in darkness? 

How would dreaming with God transform your creativity? 

How will you respond to God's invitation for partnership?


All of creation is waiting for the children of God to be revealed. Just as God spoke and light was formed, the light of God is waiting to be manifested through us to a world groaning for freedom. 

The glory you’ve been praying for isn’t just going to rain down on our worship meetings. It isn’t just within your reach. It’s already in your hands. Let the God of light take your creativity, fill everything you create with the light of life and set everyone it touches ablaze.