Creating Christmas Memories

One of the questions we ask each year when we have people over to our house during the Christmas season is, “What is your favorite Christmas memory, and why?”

I think it is important to build memories that remind us of God’s goodness, and the hope that we have in Christ.

Memories of Christmas always bring me back to the angel of the Lord’s announcement, “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy.” 

Christ came so that I could experience the joy of abundant life that became possible on that first Christmas some 2,000 years ago.

I never want to lose the wonder or the miraculous intervention of Immanuel, “God with us.”

Many of us may be going through hard times this Christmas, where families may be estranged, or where we have hope that has been deferred for a long time.

Christmas is a reminder that breakthrough is always available because Jesus broke through from Heaven to earth as the Light of the world to bring healing and hope to all who believe.

Jesus always shows up when we need Him the most.

That’s why it is important to remember the good things He has done for us in the past, as well as establishing creative ways to allow Him to work in and through our lives in this present Christmas season.

Here are 7 traditions that accentuate the significance of Christmas, and makes Christ’s birth special to me, my family, friends, and those I reach out to through Divine Appointments.


1.  Creating A Letter To Jesus 

Every year I write a letter to God, thanking Him for what He has done and for the many miracles I have witnessed.  Then, I pray and write down the many things I want to see fulfilled that year and in the lives of those I love.  I need His help, His, protection, and intervention. 

I don’t hold back as there have been many times when I have written my letter in tears, desiring breakthrough when I have gone through hard issues in my life.

I seal this letter, and then put it in my stocking before I pack up all of the Christmas decorations in January. 

Then, the following year, I open the letter and see all that God has done in answering my requests. It is always so encouraging to see how many of those requests are fulfilled each year.   

I now have over 20 cards in my stocking, marking 20 years of breakthrough, which have now become testimonies that I can pass on to my family, showing God’s faithfulness and love!


2.  Creative Cards For Family and Friends

Each Christmas, I write a letter to each person in my family, celebrating how I have seen them grow that past year, and how they have blessed me.  I put the letter in their stocking, and they open it on Christmas morning.

I want them to see the gifts inside of them, and how much they have impacted me, as well as others.  

A prophetic word, given to your family can touch them in a profound way and carry them through the next year in encouraging them to live out their God-given destiny.  Never underestimate the power of encouraging prophetic words to those you love.  


3.  Creative Coupons

Another gift I like to give my family are creative coupons that they can cash in throughout the year.

These coupons could be a special date, fixing a favorite meal, doing one of my kid’s chores on a particular day, doing something they want to do for fun and adventure (even if it’s scary).

This requires a lot of thought about what they need and enjoy.  I usually associate their coupon with their “Love Language” somehow, so that the coupon has more meaning for them.


4.  Creative Questions

I like creating questions for each person to answer around the Christmas meal that tie in with the Christmas story or what they enjoy about the Christmas season. 

This is a great way to get everyone included in an intentional conversation, in which they can share their passion for something about Christmas.   It’s amazing how everyone else at the table often answers one person’s question as well.  

Our Christmas dinners have been so rich over the years because sharing about the meaning of Christmas always causes Jesus’s presence to show up…Immanuel.


5.  Creative Christmas Books, Movies, and Music

I probably have over 60 Christmas books, which I lovingly set up around my house after we decorate the tree and the house (literally).  I always add a new book that we all read together as a family on Christmas Eve, sipping our hot chocolate, and sitting around the fire that night.  

I believe in the power of Christmas stories to awaken the love of God inside of each of us.

One of my favorites is “The Three Trees”, about a seemingly insignificant small tree that became the wood used for the cross, providing us the best gift of all…Salvation.

We also enjoy watching Christmas movies like “A Christmas Carol” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” as well as funny ones like “Elf.”  We enjoy the power of laughter, tears, and redemptive stories that share the heart behind Christmas.

Oh, and then there are the Christmas carols that can be heard throughout our house the entire Christmas season.  My husband created a 3 hour-long playlist that includes just about every Christmas song ever written, from Handel to Bing.

We never seem to tire of singing along to “The Messiah”, “Joy To The World”, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, or “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas”.  


6.  Creative Giving

We have always tried to give to those who don’t have much during Christmas, and have taught this to our children as well.  We will often choose a family that is financially struggling, and give them money to buy presents for their children, or pay their electric bill.

I also just love buying gifts for people, whether family, friends, or for some random person I feel impressed to bless.  I love watching the expression on their face, as they open up something I purposefully picked out for them to enjoy.  I often attach a prophetic meaning to the things I buy them, so that every time they wear it, use it, or look at it, they are reminded of God’s goodness towards them.


7.  Creating The Context Of Christmas By Reading The Christmas Story

I love reading the story about Jesus’ birth from Matthew and Luke’s perspective, as well as the significance of His birthed described in John chapter one.

I enjoy taking time to reflect and meditate on particular Scriptures that center around His coming like Philippians chapter 2, etc., and then, allow Holy Spirit to examine my heart to see if the Christmas story is a reality of my life in the way I live in faith, humility, the miraculous, and joy, as well as how I have carried the Christ-child’s love to those I have met during the last year.  


Create Lasting Memories

Whether you are with family, friends, touching the poor or broken, or thanking Father God for the gift of His Son, I pray that you find ways to bless others this Christmas with His tangible presence.

I pray that you find comfort, hope, and joy during this Christmas season, and that you receive the gift that keeps giving all year long…His presence!

Have a very merry Creative Christmas!

Remember, you were Born to Create!